21 April 2013

Asinine Idea

12 Iyyar 5773
Day 27 of the Omer

There is plenty of stupid to go around. Check this out:

MK Stern Attacked by Eritrean in Southern Tel Aviv

Member of Knesset Elazar Stern was attacked by an infiltrator from Eritrea, Sunday evening, during a tour of southern Tel Aviv.

Following the incident, the former personnel chief of the Israel Defense Forces said, "Phenomena that the state of Israel would not be ready to [see] take place anywhere in the world - take place here in our midst." He added, "If they would scatter them in other neighborhoods in the country things would look different."

How about send them back where they came from!!

Esser Agaroth did a piece on this guy awhile back. It says there "On October 14, 2005, Stern and his family were assaulted in Jerusalem while praying at the Western Wall in protest of his leading role in expelling Jews from the Gaza strip."

Everywhere he goes people want to beat him up. Somewhere it's written that our interactions with people are a reflection of how we are viewed in Heaven. Ya think he'll ever get the message?

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