20 April 2015

Will There Be a Third Miracle War in Iyyar?

1 Iyyar 5773
Rosh Chodesh
Day 16 of the Omer

In the future, all of creation is destined to ascend to the next spiritual level.  The whole world will one day attain the kedushah of Eretz Yisrael; Eretz Yisrael will rise to the kedushah of Yerushalayim; and, Yerushalayim will ascend to the level of kedushah equal to that of Har Habayit today.

I think this future reality will have been mirrored in the physical realm by our attaining access to these three in stages by virtue of three miracle wars that take place in the month of Iyyar.

First, the Land of Israel returned to us on the 5th of Iyyar.  Nineteen years later, on the 28th of Iyyar, Yerushalayim was returned to us. Now, as anyone reading today's news can attest,  Har Habayit is still not entirely under our control, but that's coming next - maybe even this Iyyar, please G-d!

The Month of Iyyar: From Darkness to Light
Iyyar is the month in which the Levites first raised the Tabernacle onto their shoulders to carry it through the desert, and it is the month in which King Solomon laid the foundations for the Holy Temple onto the bedrock of Mount Moriah.
...The month of Iyyar is known by the name "Ziv" in the Tanach, a word which means "brightness." Only during the era of the second Temple was the name Iyyar adopted. Iyyar, related to the words for light, and for air, also means brightness. The month of Iyyar doesn't merely mark the passage of time from exodus to revelation, it marks spiritual growth. The children of Israel were brought out in "haste" by G-d, but while deliverance from evil can occur in the twinkling of an eye, the spiritual maturity required to take on a life dedicated to walking in the way G-d has prescribed, requires spiritual preparation - and that's what Iyyar, which falls in the midst of this 49 day preparation - is all about.
We learn that the manna, which nourished the Israelites throughout their forty year sojourn in the desert, began to fall during the month of Iyyar. The well of Miriam, which miraculously followed the Israelites from station to station, likewise came into being during the month of Iyyar.
...The war with Amalek - the Israelites' entrance onto the stage of world history - took place during that first month of Iyyar after the exodus from Egypt. 
...Iyyar - the month of brightness, marks the passage from the darkness of slavery and exile to the brightness of revelation and the acceptance of G-d's Torah, and the yoke of heaven, by the Israelite nation....