17 January 2012

Daniel's Last Message - Part 2

23 Tevet 5772

“We’re Finished”
A message from Daniel
26 Kislev 5772


A few hundred years ago, the Haskalah Movement arose and the beginning of the great descent of Am Yisrael. The first things that the Jews threw out were family purity and Shabbat. And since then, Am Yisrael is descending more and more and more in these things, until this generation in which holiness, which is the basis of our connection to HKB”H, has almost disappeared. If there is a rabbi or simple Jew who goes in some way against these two things, they have no possibility of succeeding at all and their end will be very bitter.

These two things are the basis of all of Judaism. And if you ask me: “What about Torah learning?” Of course, Torah learning is also basic and there are other things that hold tight to Judaism, but, without holiness, there’s no Torah and without Torah, there’s no holiness, so it’s all one thing.

Today, we are learning Torah without holiness. The yeshivas are full of Jews, young men learning Torah, even at a high technical level, but for the majority, there is no holiness. We have a knowledge-weakness in the treatment of issues of holiness, in the Chareidi yeshivas as well as the schools. When they call all kinds of things forbidden, instead of removing the offenders, the administration usually deals with it with great forgiveness, whether out of a desire to protect the name of the institution or out of economic considerations.

What else can I tell you? You know, this is a confused generation, so attached to the eigel hazahav; so attached to the lie of the world and unable to leave this ease; very difficult for them to leave. I can only say this to you – standing before us is the fulfillment of the prophecies; a most difficult war, a real war. The root of the struggle is spiritual; between Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheists, of such we shouldn’t know. And everyone is against everyone. And at the end, there will be great destruction in this world. The majority of the world will be destroyed, but the real Am Yisrael, the true Jews who are really close to HKB”H, who really have true souls who stood at Har Sinai and said “We will do and we will hear,” these will come to the truth, will receive our righteous Mashiach and will sacrifice again offerings in the Temple, with G-d’s help.

But, we will go through gehinom until then. HKB”H will slaughter the eigel hazahav before our eyes. Whoever loves his cell phone will see that it doesn’t work, it’s just a hunk of plastic. And whoever loves his car will see that it isn’t able to move. Whoever is happy about the money he has in the bank will see that it disappeared. And whoever is waiting for his pension will discover that it was deleted. Whoever needs to go to the doctor will discover that the office is closed. And whoever loves his money will discover that it’s worthless. Whoever is thirsty will see that there’s no water in the faucet. And whoever will go to the grocery will find that the grocery is empty. Whoever relies on the army to protect them will hear how the missiles explode all around. And whoever trusts in HKB”H will have everything: food, bed, Temple, eternity. And whoever doesn’t trust in HKB”H won’t have anything.

The world is moving toward war. The crazy people – those who are reincarnations of all kinds of evildoers from all the eras – are trying to rule over the world and to be, G-d forbid, like in the place of HKB”H. It’s foolishness even to think that it’s possible to do a thing like that. But, they are so full of the feeling of their own powers that they can’t accept this under any circumstances that they are totally people that HKB”H created. So, they’re dragging the whole world to the end with massive destruction, with tremendous suffering to all the world’s population. Jews and gentiles with a bit of comprehension feel clearly that there’s going to be a disaster in the world, in the economy as well as in the war. The majority of the world will be destroyed and a majority of the world’s population will be killed. Among the Jews, those who stood at Har Sinai will remain.

When I speak of holiness, this holiness is in fact the basis of Judaism, of the life of the Jew. In thoughts, in dress and in behaviors, it’s how a person speaks, it’s how he walks in the street, in which way he moves his body - if in pride with raised head and walk of a “show-off” or he walks refined with head down and not trying to catch the eye of people. If it’s in attire, of women as well as men: a modest woman, her body is covered in as many layers as possible, because it’s the custom of our mothers. And if the Torah says that the hair of a woman is promiscuity, that a married woman needs to be modest, needs to appear married, she can’t put on herself a wig with the hair of another woman and think it is modest. It’s promiscuity and in Heaven, it’s much worse than desecration of Shabbat. A woman with a wig of today looks bareheaded and if she says that her husband wants this, then the two of them will go to gehinom. And if she will say that her rabbi allows it, it’s hard for me to believe that a rabbi sees the wig and rules that it’s kosher.

The foreign wig gives the woman the feeling of bareheadedness, a feeling of freedom to be like an available woman, that she’s not married and this is the big lie of the generation, the great success of the Sitra Achra. Because they permitted wigs hundreds of years ago because of a decree of the gentiles, but today, there is no decree of the gentiles that obligates the women to go with a wig and despite this, they continue to go with the wig. In the time of the Gemara that it’s written that there were here and there women with a wig, but they didn’t go out into the street with a revealed wig.

Our fathers, until recently, a generation ago, had modesty. They would walk with wide clothes and today they walk with tight pants and short coats, colorful ties, etc. and aside from that, there are women who eat in the street. This is not modest, it’s forbidden; men as well as women. There’s a speaking style that women speak on the street in a loud voice, eye-catching, going with shoes that make noise, with eye-catching jewelry.

Aside from the immodest clothing, short and narrow, etc., there are forbidden meetings between women and men. There are work places where there are men and women. There are eating places where they’re sitting really crowded and it’s forbidden.

“Kedoshim tihiyu” – this is our whole life. A man who doesn’t have holy thoughts, a speaker of not nice words, a walker with promiscuous dress, not modest, man or woman, how can he pray before HKB”H!? To stand before HKB”H!? Women say: “So, what if she doesn’t dress exactly modestly, but she prays so strongly…” It’s like saying: “So what if she eats a little pork every day, but she prays so beautifully…” It’s impossible to stand before HKB”H in promiscuity. This is chutzpah. To stand without modesty and to pray holy words before HKB”H – it’s really chutzpah, above and beyond. Every man who throws away modesty, holiness, he’s a chutspan – an insolent person – and there’s no other word for him. We’ve lost the sensation, the feelings of holiness.

Now it’s Hanukah, there are all kinds of shows and films, supposedly kosher, but, they’re not kosher. It’s all imitation of the gentiles and it’s forbidden and it’s the not-good smell from the eigel hazahav. This severe decline in holiness, in dress, and in behavior is bringing us to severe sins. Our Chareidi world is full of forbidden things, full of promiscuity, illicit relationships and terrible things. Hashem have mercy. Abba, that’s the last message by this method, by this method of communication. But, Abba, with G-d’s help, in a bit, you and I will speak regular. I hope that in the nearest future, we will get though all the wars and your Daniel will be able to speak with you like a Torah scholar, like a completely normal Jew.

16 January 2012

Daniel's Last Message - Part 1

22 Tevet 5772

As I said, this one is quite lengthy, so I'm breaking it up into two parts.

“We’re Finished”
A message from Daniel
26 Kislev 5772

Abba, Abba, it’s already a few years that we have had the merit to give messages from Heaven to Am Yisrael. I remember the first messages, Abba, that you could hardly believe that I am capable of something like this, that it’s not a dream, that it’s real. Perhaps in the beginning you weren’t sure it’s real, but during the years, you saw that what I said really came to be. And here, Abba, we’ve arrived to the last stage before the redemption - the hardest stage for Am Yisrael - and in general, for the world. We’re standing upon the opening to redemption. And at this moment, after so many years of messages, messages intended to help Am Yisrael to prepare for the redemption, we’ve arrived at the moment of the last message, this method of communication, in short FC.

Why did we suddenly receive a message from Heaven to stop the messages in general? Because, the world has changed completely. And everything that we’ve said until now is what we would also say in the future, because there’s nothing more to say in this stage. There is nothing more to say to Am Yisrael about how to prepare ourselves for the redemption. If you want to be strengthened, then simply take out the previous pages and go over them. There’s nothing new to say to you.

The world is a mess. The Jews, and in general, all the residents of the world, gentiles as well as Jews, they got used to materialism above and beyond the worst nightmares of our grandparents. They couldn’t even imagine the abundance that we enjoy from this. But, for this abundance, we’re paying a heavy price. It has almost destroyed Yiddishkeit. And there’s no more painful or heavy price than this. It has almost destroyed our connection with the truth, with HKB”H. And there’s no bigger price than this.

Am Yisrael has created a plastic Judaism. A Judaism that is suited to our false requirements from the Olam Hazeh - superficial pleasures and all the things that are the exact opposite of our holy Torah. We took our Yiddishkeit and turned it into something artificial, appropriate to every superficial and silly need of every Jew who really wants only the eigel hazahav - this world and its pleasures.

Baruch Hashem, there are other Jews who are trying to hold onto the status of true Judaism and a real closeness to HKB”H. They’re trying to learn for the sake of Heaven; to raise their children according to the Torah of Moshe, but they are few. And as much as we write and we write, and we try to bring the truth before Am Yisrael, we don’t succeed very much. Maybe here and there we’ve opened a heart a bit to the truth, Baruch Hashem. But, for the majority, the Jews are not ready to hear and not just not ready to hear us, they’re not ready and not interested in understanding the truth that’s in the Torah.

In all the world, there are gentiles, and among them also Jews, who want to rule over everything and to bring the world to a situation so bad, so cruel, so not belonging to any religion of humanity, in order that they themselves will rule over everything. That they themselves will be, G-d forbid, like in the place of HKB”H, like the generation of the Tower of Bavel. And like in that generation, Hashem allowed them to continue and have success, but in the end, He brought them down very strongly. They will disappear from the reality. And also among Jews there is such a thing – the same thing – just on a smaller scale, but a thousand times greater effect, because the center of the world is the Jew. The center of existence is the Jew and the center of the spirituality is the Jew. Even though there are little Jews in this world, what happens to them influences the whole world.

Here in Eretz Yisrael, we have a government whose majority are anti-religious. And there is among them a group of Jews with important roles who want to associate with these gentiles who desire to rule over the world and to create a new-world-order that is foreign and based upon wickedness. And in the group of these evildoers there are also secular Jews from all over the world who believe in this thing and they participate in it and they have a big part in it.

There are also secular Jews who have forgotten, in general, what it is to be a Jew. In general, in general, in general. And they also behave like gentiles and they want to behave like gentiles. But, there are among them true Jews, who in their heart and in their soul, they are true Jews. And it takes sometimes only one word to open this place and they will be able to make teshuva. But, there are among them those who come from the source of the Erev Rav and they can’t return in teshuva.

After that, we have the Modern-Orthodox Jews abroad. In Israel, we call them “national-religious.” There are among them, many who are confused between the Olam Hazeh and Olam Haba. They want both, but that’s not possible. They need to decide. The Olam Hazeh is only for the sake of preparing ourselves for the redemption and Olam Haba. If we take the Torah from one side and Olam Hazeh from the other and try to make from them one thing, it will never work, because the Olam Hazeh is falsehood and the Torah is truth. The Torah will never accept falsehood.

Also among the national-religious and the Modern Orthodox and also among their rabbis there are Erev Rav. And they can’t do teshuva – this Erev Rav – because they are not from Jewish souls. According to the law, they are Jews, but they don’t have Jewish souls and never did. They always make problems for us.

There is also the Chareidim, among whom are Ashkenazim and Sefardim, Litvak, Hassidim, etc. Also, to my great sorrow, in this holy-of-holies that once was the magnificence of the world, that once held the spiritual world, that because of them the world stood, in general, without being destroyed; also, among them has entered in a severe pollution. This pollution is the most dangerous. It comes from the Erev Rav and enters into the most Chareidi world - the world that is closest to HKB”H. Also in this Chareidi world, remain the relatively few people who still hold onto the truth.

It’s hard to believe, but also among the Chareidi Jews there are Erev Rav. And even among their leaders, there are Erev Rav. Hashem have mercy. And this Erev Rav tries to cool us off from our religion; to attract us to materialism; to draw us close to the seculars or to the government; to draw us near to the gentile world. And they do this in a way that is supposedly for the sake of Heaven. These Jews do great damage. So, we know that every true Jew will be saved, with G-d’s help, because every Jewish soul is very dear in Heaven. Hashem will pull us back by force. But, if he will be very damaged, he will have tremendous suffering until he comes to the truth.

The Erev Rav who are among us will not be saved. Even if it appears that they are being successful, they’ won't succeed. They are being exposed more and more, because they are fighting more and more openly against the holiness of Am Yisrael.

To be continued...

15 January 2012

More Final Messages

20 Tevet 5772

The last message from Daniel remains to be translated. It is very long, so I opted to post these two short ones which appeared at the very end of the final messages sheet.

Message from Areleh
Rosh Chodesh Tevet 5757
From the book “My Soul Knows Well 2,” page 129

Caution before a Disaster

Am Yisrael! The last opportunity is coming. When our warnings will cease – the end will be close - the end of your empty life. The truth will begin to be revealed little by little until those who are to survive the future events will be ready to receive the full light. Am Yisrael! Stop your foolish misdeeds. Love one another. Return to your Torah in purity. Draw near to your Creator!


“Like in the era of the prophets” - a message from Galia

My dear mother, the messages from the autistics and brain-damaged resemble the era of the prophets who warned and warned the People of Israel and later that from Heaven they gave to Am Yisrael a lot of time to return in teshuva for their sins and wickedness from their iniquities. The people erred to think that the words of the prophets were futile and empty and it’s not in their power to be realized.

When things happened and difficult troubles befell our people - destruction and exile - Am Yisrael understood that all the words of the prophets were truth, but it was all already too late! Because, the midat hadin had already begun to operate in the world and was unable to be withdrawn. So, the decree went into operation! It only remained to cry over Am Yisrael in Heaven and on Earth. There is some similarity to our messages – the brain-damaged. Soon, when they will see that everything happens and I wish it wouldn’t, then it only remains for us to cry and cry and to pray to our Father in Heaven to have mercy on us and to return to Hashem, in order to stop the severe Divine punishments from suddenly coming upon us.

13 January 2012

"The Last Message for Jews Abroad"

18 Tevet 5772

From Moisheleh
2nd candle of Hanukah 5772

“Sevivon, sov, sov, sov, Hanukah hu chag tov…” These are the days of Hanukah and everyone is celebrating. There are parties, and there are exhibits, there are movies, there are shows, traveling for trips, and eating a lot of donuts and potato pancakes. But, as the children ask: “Why do we celebrate Hanukah?” Then, the secular for sure don’t know. They will say “perhaps because of the tasty donut…” And the chareidi, he knows that there was a war with Antiochus, with the Hellenists, etc. But, it doesn’t so much interest him like the movies, the trips and of course, like the vacation from cheder and school at Hanukah.

We are now at the second or third candle of Hanukah and I only want to cry, because again, we are the few against the many. But, not just the many of the wide world. We are not just the few against the gentiles who are many more than us. These are also among the Jews – we have enemies, also among the Jews – there are enemies to HKB”H. And this is the biggest problem. And the Hellenists who are in Eretz Yisrael and in all the lands of the world, they damage the rest of the Jews, the fire in the heart and in the soul of every Jew – these are the Erev Rav. Indeed, according to the law, they are Jews, but as we learn, at the end, before Mashiach comes, the Erev Rav will be the most serious enemy. Because they are Jews according to the law and part of them are even “chareidim,” and these are chareidim who hate holiness and faith and trust in HKB”H and they are even sometimes rabbis and leaders of the chareidi world. And sometimes, they are Torah scholars and sometimes simple Jews, the most regular. But, there is one common denominator for everyone: They hate holiness. They hate the connection with HKB”H – the special connection of every Jew and Jew.

And since they went out of Egypt with us, they envy us, but they can’t come to faith and trust and love of Hashem, because they remained strangers. And today, if we look at chareidi society and how they celebrate Hanukah, we see clearly how a few Erev Rav have managed to weaken the Yiddishkeit of Am Yisrael. Many Jews, very many chareidi, religious, secular Jews light Hanukah menorahs on this holiday - chanukiot. They’re lighting candles for eight nights. This is seemingly a good sign, that there are more and more Jews really celebrating such an important holiday. But, if we look and observe more closely then, how that the estranged sometimes make some gesture to HKB”H, on this they do some thing like hearing the megillah at Purim, or to light Hanukah candles, nevertheless together with it – the chareidim more and more are receiving the leaders of the Hellenists.

The Jews love entertainment. There is a vacation, so entertainment is a must. But, this entertainment pertains to the eigel hazahav and the eigel hazahav pertains to the Erev Rav. Our Hanukah is full-full of foreign customs that have entered into us within the holy of holies - the trips, the movies, the shows, etc. I already hear the laughter of many Jews: “But, we have to relax…have to have a little fun… have to go some place, and see what it’s possible to do with the children, so much time without cheder, without school. You can go crazy…”

But it’s not “you can go crazy,” because in truth, we’ve already “gone crazy.” We are drunk on the degraded customs and behaviors of the gentiles. And in the near future we will have a very difficult awakening.

And because of this, we are writing these last messages. It’s already almost twenty years since we began to bring messages to the chareidi Jewish world. And now the time is finished, because in just a little bit, the world is going to change completely. And the change will be very difficult. The change will be very frightening. And the process of the change will be very, very hard on everyone.

We’ve already entered into this period and to this stage that’s before the redemption. And there’s nothing more for us to say. And every one of us who writes now these messages, tries to organize all the things that we’ve said in a few words so that it will be for you a sort of teacher of the way, to those who aren’t Torah scholars, in order that you may pass through this time in ease or at least more easily.

Again, I will remind you: Every true Jew will survive. If he is farther from the truth, Hashem will drag him the strong and hard way until he will understand the truth and will accept it. If he is closer to Hashem, he will suffer less. And if a Jew dies before this redemption period, that’s not to say that he is Erev Rav. Because, for the Erev Rav, there will be a special death so that everyone will know that they were Erev Rav and not a good Jew.

Therefore, again, we will go over all the problems that we have in Olam Hazeh. And I turn to the matter for the Jews abroad. And don’t tell me that the Satmar Rebbe, ztz”l said that it’s forbidden to come to live in the State of Israel, because I know this and I believe this. But, if the Satmar Rebbe ztz”l were here today, I believe he also would go up to the Land. Because he would see that this is the end. And not only this, I am sure that the Satmar Rebbe ztz”l, from his good place in Olam Haba, cries very much over his community and over all the communities of Am Yisrael. And especially those abroad, who use his name in order to make big sins. And use what he wrote in order to prevent, at this moment, Jews from coming to the Land.

Because, I am sure that he himself would get up and lead his community here, because the world is in a huge danger. Every European Jew and every American Jew is in a huge danger, spiritually and physically. And within a very short time, you will understand what I am saying. The spiritual danger in America and in Europe and in the Land now – it’s the same thing. The eigel hazahav has destroyed the Jews in every place in the world, and if we will continue with it, it will destroy all of Judaism. But if we add up all the dangers, the least dangerous place is Eretz Yisrael, even that still there is here a government of evildoers. Because we have a promise from HKB”H that Eretz Yisrael - not “the State of Israel” - it’s Eretz Yisrael that won’t be destroyed. Eretz Yisrael will remain. And in Eretz Yisrael, we will build the Third Temple, with G-d’s help, and in Eretz Yisrael we will receive our righteous Mashiach in the near future, with G-d’s help. But in the United States, and in Europe, and in similar places, the physical, bodily danger to Jews, the danger of anti-Semitism is growing and going. And there is not one promise from Heaven that the United States and Europe will not be destroyed.

Jews, you know the prophecies, two thirds of the world will be destroyed. One-third, including Edom, will be completely destroyed; a second third very severe, and Eretz Yisrael will not be harmed.

I ask from you a moment to think, to observe. All your parties, especially abroad, all your chesed, all your prayers, all your faith and trust in Hashem, all your Torah learning, what is it worth? Not much. Why? Because, for the majority, it’s just a decoration for your physical needs, your physicalities. For the majority, it’s not something deep. It’s simply a reason to do what you want. A famous example, in America, is that in the majority of synagogues there are so many people talking with one another until it’s almost impossible to pray. This thing is known in the United States.

There is much, much chesed, but much of this chesed is not real. It’s chesed for the sake of ensuring livelihood. It’s almost a superstition and not as faith and trust in HKB”H. The Jews abroad, very, very much want entertainment, must have the entertainment. And they don’t understand that the entertainment is goyische; it’s a waste of time. We have a small amount of time to live and we’re wasting it on entertainment. Pity! A pity on every moment!

There are the Torah scholars, the young men, who sit and learn and woe to us, woe to us. What is the Torah without a soul? What is the Torah without holiness? And this is what there is in the majority of yeshivas. And abroad it’s worse, but also in the Land. In these yeshivas are a lot of young men and they learn really wonderfully, but they are without holiness, the majority. And if there’s no holiness, there’s no Torah, because the basis, the foundation of all of Yiddishkeit, of all of Torah, is holiness. This holiness is the shield on each part of life. And a Jew who is holy, how can he walk around dressed in tight pants and short jacket and all day, he just decides which tie he will choose to wear? How can it be that a groom, a chasid, goes with a shtreimel that looks like a “clown hat” with sharp tips that makes it higher than it is? Because there is nothing for a person to do. The shtreimel that was once a symbol of a crown - of something special, spiritual - it’s the opposite of a “clown’s hat.” Indeed, prestigious, but without holiness.

In general, every matter of the sanctity of marriage is really turned into a gentile thing. All the ideas are non-Jewish ideas, at least usually. The vast majority of counselors rely much on psychology and on the gentile direction of a relationship between a married couple. And this is very sick. And it’s anti-Torah.

Psychology has also entered every matter of education in the cheders and yeshivas. Because there are severe problems, so they accuse the Torah for the problems. Because the Torah, G-d forbid, is “not modern” and it “doesn’t understand the children,” G-d forbid. But, in truth, the problem in the yeshivas and cheders is that they don’t walk according to the Torah.; that they’re trying to live a life of the gentiles. Because in the moment that we live a-life-of-the-gentiles, then we are receiving the sicknesses and the problems of the gentiles.

A large part of our children is in a very difficult situation. They are not behaving exactly like Jews, even though they dress like Jews and they’re not exactly gentiles, because nevertheless, there is some Jewish soul, usually. Woe to us, I won’t get more into things, because you can read enough all the communications that we did during twenty years.

But, what I will tell you, if you don’t return in real teshuva, and stop yearning for all the materialism that’s murdering us, murdering our Yiddishkeit, murdering our eternity, then you have to take out this evil inclination from the head and the heart and come to the truth; to enjoy and to yearn to be close to HKB”H. To feel the emotion that is impossible to describe, the feeling that’s so wonderful of a man who is close to the Master of the World, the Omnipotent. The feeling of ease, of release, of lack of heaviness of man, that can arise, up, up, easy-as-pie and come to a good place. Am Yisrael, again I will say: sit on the floor, put on sackcloth and ashes, cry to HKB”H, beg forgiveness for all the sins, cry with real tears,, because without it, without doing a hard operation and taking out the poison of the eigel hazahav that the Erev Rav put into us, without taking it out completely – you will suffer very much.

Yes, there will be a war - a very difficult and fearful war; war that many millions will go from the world. But, the true Jews will survive and will receive our righteous Mashiach. And these will enjoy the greatest pleasure that there is. And it is closeness to HKB”H. And we will continue to arise and come close to HKB”H, more and more. We, this is the basis of HKB”H in the new world for His final creation. The creation that will be a world within which really everything is absolutely good. End.

Gematriot with Moisheleh

This last message page was number 79. This gematria is “Ben David comes” or “To G-d life.” It’s both and the explanation, the meaning, it’s about both. This year, with G-d’s help, it needs to be the redemption, 5772/5773. This communication – it will be the eightieth page in the book of the volumes, which is “their savior,” that is to say, our redemption. Eighty is also, in gematria, “the trust,” because without trust in HKB”H, it’s impossible to be redeemed. And this is the most important thing - complete and absolute trust only in HKB”H; that He can do anything and that everything is for our good and this is the key to redemption. Likewise, it is in gematria: “foundation.” And it is the foundation. “The trust” – it is the foundation and the key to redemption and likewise, it is in number “all who love him,” because it’s clear that all who love Him will be saved, and them alone. I hope that all the true Jews will take this to their hearts, and merit to meet in the Holy Temple. End.

NOTE: There are two more "final messages" remaining.

12 January 2012

"The Last Message to Am Yisrael" - Part 2

17 Tevet 5772

Questions & Answers
Binyamin Golden
3rd candle of Hanukah 5772

Q. Why don’t we have the right to hear more messages?

A. Again, it was stopped because now every Jew has to search out a connection with HKB”H for himself. This coming month of Shevat, it will be twenty years that we are speaking. Twenty years since Yitzchak-Izik wrote the first message. In all this period, our job was to strengthen Am Yisrael, and slowly, slowly, during all these year - and twenty years is a lot of time - slowly, slowly, to bring them to this moment. But, Am Yisrael hears, reads, there are people who understand more and understand less. And it’s not only us in this world who are speaking about the redemption and the salvation. There are more who are trying to help Am Yisrael. But, Am Yisrael needs to want to in himself. It’s impossible to force someone to do something against his will. He needs to want to. So, if he wants – he must do the last part himself. It’s like when a child begins to walk, it’s possible to help him, but at some stage he needs so much to want to walk, until he will get up and will walk himself without any problems. Because he wants to walk. Because he wants to be independent and to arrive to places. And we, also. You need to want to be a servant of Hashem. And if we will be servants of Hashem, then we will be free men. But, you need to want to, because without this, it doesn’t go. This is the time you need to want to.

Almost each thing that’s been said until now, all that’s been said, will be possible to read. With G-d’s help, a booklet from the last messages is coming out, along with additional suitable sections. And if someone wants to receive strengthening, especially from what we have written, he will be able to lift the telephone and listen or read the booklet. Because there is nothing new or added that’s left to say. To tell you “when something will explode” or “when will be the war,” or today and this hour exactly - impossible. And it’s not important. What’s important is that everyone will return in teshuva. That’s what’s important. That everyone will arrive to HKB”H. That’s what’s important. To being to be too busy with: “which country will shoot off the first missile” – that’s not important.

Q. “Restore our judges as at first” – Ben David will not come until the false leadership ends. How can we really know who is a posek, who is a leader to the truth without bias? How can we identify?

A. We don’t know. Therefore, I say: The Jew needs to be connected to HKB”H. And to be very careful with whom he makes a connection. And even if he is careful, he doesn’t always know. The signs are – the Erev Rav do not have a Jewish heart, therefore he doesn’t have mercy on another Jew. He can indeed “make a show of it,” but a true Jew needs to know that it’s a show. Maybe not the first time, but the second or third time it will be clearer. This is a time that a Jew needs to be alone. To be alone with HKB”H. And not purposely, it’s not by chance that the idea of “hitbodedut” has returned in this generation by Rebbe Nachman, ztz”l. Because it is approximately what you need to do: to be alone with Hashem. And you don’t need to go to a forest, especially, for this. It can be done in the living room. But you need to be alone and search out the truth. And then, Hashem will help us. Alone, we can not do it. And you need every day to request from Hashem to save us from the Erev Rav.

Q. Chazal said that for a Jew there are three signs: Merciful, shy, and charitable…

A. But, that’s right, these are indeed three things which describe a true Jew. But there are Erev Rav who know to make an excellent show.

Q. Already, hundreds of years ago, in the writings of Rav Chaim Vital, ztz”l, it says that the leaders do not like to comment on or to admonish on matters of holiness and modesty. What is the reason that especially on this topic they are afraid to rebuke more than remaining deficiencies?

A. The reason is clear. Because when there is a great descent, what falls first? In Europe, they first threw out Shabbat, and family purity, and holiness. This is what the people want the most. And this is the greatest desire of the eigel hazahav. And therefore, the careful rabbis didn’t dwell on this so they wouldn’t lose their communities.

Q. What do you say about the war against modesty in the holy city of Jerusalem?

A. The war of chareidim against modesty is a thing that’s hard to understand. Every life-style of the chareidim in this generation is in trouble. The women wander around the street like prostitutes, and holiness is the last thing that interests them. And with all the Tehillim that they’re saying, and with all the daily prayers, what attracts them is the eigel hazahav. There were periods when the Jews were Jews who lived in Eretz Yisrael and they ran to the ba’al, because the ba’al attracted them. And this is the ba’al of today. The golden calf strongly attracts them, and it’s what they want. The men are dressed like several hundred years ago and the women like models from the newspaper. And worse that even the men today are immodest. Tight suits. There is almost no man who goes like once was: with wide coat, with wide trousers, covering like it should. It almost never happens. Everyone is tight on the body. Even funny, but it’s so disgusting, that it’s a conflict of emotions.

Q. What’s with the European dress that’s customary today among the public?

A. Without a beard, it’s gentile. A short coat is gentile. The Chazon Ish said, as far as I know, that a Jew needs to go with tails, a long coat. How were the Jews dressed in Europe? They were very much covered, with coats, etc. And in Arab lands, there were robes. A robe over a robe and with a shawl like the Baba Sali.

Q. It’s already written in chazal, that in the future Torah will be forgotten from Israel. But, on the other hand, we see that there is a great flowering of Torah institutions in our days, so how does that fit together?

A. But, they have forgotten the Torah. There is no Torah for the majority. For, indeed, they didn’t forget what they learned, the words, but they forgot the holiness. They forgot the basis of what it means to be a Jew. How is it possible to learn Torah without holiness? A gentile can learn Torah? Yes! He can sit and take a Gemara with translation and learn. But that’s not to say that he will understand. That’s not to say that he will make a connection. And what is this “Torah learning”? It’s that the soul will develop a relationship with the book and together they will arise, up, up, to special worlds. It’s not to sit and learn and to do tests. It’s not to sit and to learn, by heart, all kinds of details of knowledge just so that afterwards you can give it back by heart. This is just technical. And it’s not learning. It’s not the soul of a Jew. A gentile can’t understand this. He can’t really learn. He can only know to sit, to look at a page and to learn like he learns history or something else.

Q. What about the money, the economic situation?

A. The money will fall together with the war. That it has not yet fallen is interesting. The economic situation is bad and the evildoers are maintaining it, so that it won’t fall until the moment that it’s suitable for them, but HKB”H will decide.

Q. The verse says: “For the word is very near to you….” Is the mitzvah of teshuva really so easy? Also, in our days, it’s so easy?

A. Of course, it’s easy. And it’s easier when a person comes so far, then he doesn’t have to make such a big circle to get to the beginning, because he’s much closer…. But later, when his head is blocked with all the trash of Olam Hazeh, of the eigel hazahav, of the Erev Rav, all the education of the Erev Rav, then it’s very difficult. But a true Jew, only one word is enough to open his heart and his feelings. Which word? It’s a different word for everyone to simply awaken it.

Q. Binyamin once said, in the past, that the time will come that people will go out into the streets and seek “sackcloth and ashes”…

A. It’s not just that they will request “sackcloth and ashes,” they will ask for HKB”H. They won’t know what to do. They will understand that what they did in life – it was emptiness. It wasn’t completely for the sake of Heaven. It was only for the sake of our eigel hazahav, for the majority. And this will pain them very, very much. So, they will look for something, something to do. To put on tefillin, to sit on the floor, to cry. Man doesn’t know how to cleanse himself from all the falsehood. He will cry from sorrow about how he wasted so much gilgulim during all the years.

Q. So, the final tikun is actually that we will know to disregard all the eigel hazahav, all the physicality and materialism, and to “lift up the wings” to the direction of HKB”H, is this the tikun?

A. That’s the end, yes. To run away from the snake. What does physicality do for us? It gives us the feeling that we are far from HKB”H; that we don’t need to be dependent upon Him for anything. And more and more this enters into our head. Indeed, there are those who are praying, who are asking for parnasah, etc., but it’s more like a superstition and not like someone who is more connected to Hashem.

10 January 2012

"The Last Message to Am Yisrael"

16 Tevet 5772

Binyamin Golden
3rd candle of Hanukah 5772

Yes, yes, that’s right. We are ceasing for always to write messages to Am Yisrael. With G-d’s help, we are entering now into a period of time; the period that is right before the redemption - the most difficult period of all - a period in which every Jew alone will need to make a strong connection to HKB”H. A period that no one will be able to become stronger from another person, only straight from HKB”H, from the holy books, from the righteous of previous generations and from the trials that Hashem sends to us.

And it’s a situation that also we, who are called “autistics” or brain-damaged – also, we aren’t able to give strength or direction, because each Jew whose soul was at Har Sinai must arrive to this on his own. It’s a very difficult period for a part of the people and for part of the people it’s a happy situation. Because part of the people, the biggest part, lives in falsehood. And part of the people, very much smaller, tries to arrive at the truth. And the greatest happiness of the few of Am Yisrael is to live a true life. And this is what brings them the greatest pleasure.

The rest of the Jewish population in the world are living lives of falsehood in varying degrees. Some more, some less. But, a great suffering will pass through until they arrive at the truth. And therefore, it is a fearful period, a difficult period. But, also gladdening. However, there will be a huge fear. And there will be war, like we have said over and over again. You don’t need to hear it only from us. It’s written in the prophecies. And now it’s even in the headlines of almost all the newspapers. Indeed, in the headlines of the newspapers, they’re speaking about war, and alongside it they’re talking about football and theater, but there will be war. And it will be the hardest war that there wasn’t like this in all of history. And just to think about the cruel weapon that there is in almost every single country, it’s enough to make one faint from fear. But, true Jews don’t need to fear. Hashem will save us, whether we want or don’t want. And as we’ve said here, there are a lot of Erev Rav among us. Even according to many sources – a majority of the Jews in this generation are Erev Rav.

I want to say to you, that because of this, we are not able to receive strength from any person, from any Jew. Because how can we know if it’s Erev Rav or not? There are indeed several signs, but we don’t always see the signs on a person. One sign is that they don’t have the mercy of a Jew to be merciful to another Jew. They really don’t have the feeling, the feeling you have when you see a Jew suffering. They don’t have tears or a heart to have mercy on another Jew. They are cold, cold to other Jews.

Another sign is that they cool us off from the religion. They want to extinguish our fire for Hashem. But, it’s not possible, it won’t be. All the true Jews with Jewish souls, even if today they are wandering on the streets licking ice cream on the street, they won’t stoop to cruelty, to the zealotry of the Erev Rav. They will return to the truth.
It’s very true that we will see the hardest things in the near future, abroad as well as in Israel. But, outside of Israel it will be terrible. And the word “terrible” is not enough to describe the situation that is pending. The Jews abroad will feel the antisemitism strongly, very strongly; antisemitism that has not yet been in this generation, only in Germany among the Nazis sixty or seventy years ago, or with Stalin. In recent years, we have not felt antisemitism like this and now it will be very strong.

The Erev Rav and the gentiles along with a few Jews among them are trying to rule over the world; trying to be, G-d forbid, more than HKB”H. It’s a group of crazies, a group of people who have lost their humanity. Because they are so cruel and evil. And they are also here in this country, but in just a little bit, the truth will arise and we will know who pertains to what.

What is most important is that Am Yisrael will return to the truth; will return to his source. That we will return to a pure and holy way of life as in time past. That we will repair the first sin of the first man. That we will repair all the sins since then. And the biggest sin, the first that because of it everyone fell, it’s to think that we can be like HKB”H. That if we could just eat the fruit of the tree, then we would be able to rule over the world completely. But, see, many have tried and failed. And even these Jews and gentiles who are trying to rule, even over a small part of the world or of the population, will fail big time.

In every single place, we see this sin – the sin that we want to rule; to rule over a thing that only HKB”H can, but we want to be “like HKB”H.” And the snake still stands and whispers in our ear: “You can! You can rule!” If it’s in science, they have various theories how to create life, G-d forbid, how to create various bacteria in order to kill people. If in medicine, how to create all kinds of treatments for disease, that only result in people’s suffering. And it’s questionable if it helps them, but a lot of money goes into the pocket of the doctors, of the manufacturers and technicians. And they want to rule over entire countries or to rule over them partially, to rule over whole areas. And in general, over the whole world they want to rule. And with the secular Jews, as well, they have the will to rule over all that the gentiles want.

Among the national religious Jews, they want to rule over the Arabs and over the State of Israel. Thus they want. And in the chareidi world, there are askanim who want to rule over all the money that comes into the tzedaka boxes of chesed organizations, yeshivas, etc. There are askanim who want it all, the materialism, the spirituality, over all of it they want to rule. They don’t want any other chasidut to rule, only their chasidut. And if not – then it’s permitted to take several iron bars and beat whoever disturbs them. And if that doesn’t help – then it’s possible to do various other tricks in order to do evil to the other.

And in general, they want to rule also over the street. To do pizzas, and ice creams, and hamburgers, etc. But, to be, in truth, “chareidim;” everything with a “hechsher.” And this impurity will bring to businesses a lot of money, and to rule over it – this really is a government of eigel hazahav.

And thus do the Jews rule. And if someone bothers them, then again, it’s permitted to hit, demonstrate, etc. And they want our women to look like street-women, who attract the eyes of all the men. And if, G-d forbid, someone will dress modestly, will want a life of holiness, then it’s permitted to throw things at her, to pull off her head-covering. That’s permitted. Because there are rabbis who want to rule over the street. And they say it’s permitted because it’s not the street like they want, it’s another street.

Part of our leadership are false leaders who don’t pertain to the Jewish people and they want to rule over all the communities. Because it’s a lot of money, much power, etc. The situation is sad in Am Yisrael. Because the chareidim who need to be holy-of-holies, they build, every group, large and small yeshivas, synagogues, study halls, huge, beautiful, impressive, and they build very large girls’ schools. But there is one more difficult problem: They haven’t invited HKB”H to enter there. However, they did invite the officials from “independent education,” or from the Ministry of Education, to see and to sign off, so they’ll give money. What does it matter if the “Liba” program comes in!? What does it matter if they will learn a little about Ben Gurion, y”sh, or about Herzl, y”sh, or about all the liars and evildoers in the history of this State. It can’t hurt… but, look, with this money, we can build more and more girls’ schools, and computers, and art classes, all kinds of things like the seculars which are like the gentiles. And we got the psychology. “Psychology”? This will save us??? Psychology? It’s certain that psychology is part of the snake itself! And all the courses, all the “libas,” they are really the snake itself. The wise ones of the evildoers bring us this in their cunning, that this is the way to break Am Yisrael. This is the way to take the chareidim and dismantle them into little pieces, so they’ll disappear from the world. They’ll disappear inside the eigel hazahav. They’ll disappear inside ice cream shops, drowning in ice cream – and all with a smile. This will be the end of Am Yisrael – if it continues this way, G-d forbid.

But, we have to repair this sin, the first sin of Adam and Chava. And just to want to be close to Hashem and not to want to be “in place of Hashem.” Not inside our homes, and not inside our classes, and not inside our social lives. We need only to want to come close to Hashem. Not to rule over any one. Only to come close to Hashem. And that’s it, the biggest tikun: to do the will of Hashem. And, in any case, if we do the will of Hashem, all our sins will disappear and we are arriving to the inheritance.

Therefore, Am Yisrael! HKB”H loves you very, very much. You went out of Egypt within love, went out of Egypt almost without food. Indeed with much gold, but with little food. And a majority of the Jews died in Egypt. You didn’t cry about it and didn’t get angry about it. You went out of Egypt in happiness and in faith and trust in Hashem and Hashem didn’t forget it. He didn’t forget His bride who went with Him into the desert, only within love, simply love.

But from this moment, the minute immediately after we went out – already the problem of the matter of the eigel hazahav started, and until today it’s really destroying us. Therefore, Am Yisrael, the tikun is to establish anew the connection with HKB”H. Not as a whole people, at this moment, but each one, every Jew, that will arrive to HKB”H, and you will perceive, so to speak, straight to HKB”H, the few who love HKB”H and want to be His servant; want to serve Him. This is the main thing. And then, with G-d’s help, we will go out from this exile to freedom, to the complete redemption. And we will receive our righteous Mashiach really in happiness. And we will continue thus to eternity.

NOTE: I have left out all the numerous sources because they are very difficult for me to translate. I don't always understand the abbreviations or have the sources at hand to correctly render the translation. If you are interested in looking them up, please consult the original here.

With G-d's help, the rest of the messages are coming.