31 October 2012

What will it take?

16 Marcheshvan 5773

Almost every major Jewish community in America was affected in some way by this so-called "Superstorm."  Hashem threw everything but an earthquake and a volcano. (I guess those are reserved for the west coast.) So, what more is it going to take to get through to Diaspora Jews?

Don't let anyone mislead you. This is all about being uprooted from homes, either by evacuation or through destruction. It's well past time for Diaspora Jewry to understand that Eretz Yisrael is the Jewish homeland and that Hashem Yitbarach has no intention of allowing you to remain on foreign soil.

Please take heed. It's only going to get worse.

Agudah of Bayswater Destroyed By Hurricane Sandy – Help Them Rebuild!

Among the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the Agudah in Bayswater was unfortunately destroyed. Sadly, the Shul had just last week completed renovations caused by last years Hurricane Irene when this calamity struck.

According to a source at the Shul, the shul was flooded by the storm surge coming from the bay, and the pumps placed in and around the shul couldn’t keep up with the floodwaters. The shul very quickly filled with 6 feet of water....

All the Seforim – except for the Sifrei Torah thankfully – tables, chairs, walls, Bimah, Aron Kodesh, and Shtenders were destroyed. It appears that the shul may have to condemn the building and restart again.

The situation is very dire, and as of now, the shul reaching out to anyone who can assist them in rebuilding. The shul is an enormous part of the Bayswater community. There are hundreds who use it on a daily basis and rely on it for their Torah and tefilla needs. (Yeshivas Zichron Aryeh is also housed in the shul). The Shul is reaching out to the broader community to help them rebuild this vital source of Torah and Tefilla and need as much financial assistance that they can get.

For more, see here: News Items on How Sandy Destroyed Jewish Lives, Property, and Electricity

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