06 September 2012


19 Elul 5772

About three weeks ago, I wrote:

...When we stood at the foot of Har Sinai, we were united "like one man with one heart," according to Chazal. But, where did that unity come from? From within ourselves? Was it an ability to set aside all our differences and accept them with love, no matter how divergent? Emphatically, NO! We were not the source of that unity. We were the recipients! It was the truth of the Holy Torah that united us around it. I believe that only around the essential truth can we unite - even (and especially) today.

This is something that should be self-evident.

Today Rabbi Dov Lior is quoted as saying:

“There is no doubt that the desire to unite all sections of the national-religious camp into one big movement is something very important, but on the other hand, we must carefully examine the true values around which they come together,” he said.

At a time when we are being urged to unify despite important differences, simply for the sake of unity, as if it alone will save us, this truth can not be overemphasized.