21 August 2012

The Erev Rav are at it again

3 Elul 5772

They love our enemies more than our own people and they try to force us to live by foreign, gentile standards as opposed to Jewish Torah ones.

Peres tells Arab town he is ashamed of Jerusalem 'lynch'

President visits Majd ek Karum in Galilee, tells residents perpetrators of brutal J'lem attack must be brought to justice; Education Minister Sa'ar says issues of violence, racism must be addressed in school system.

Commentary: Mr. Peres, I am ashamed that you are the President of my country. It's shameful the way you scrape and bow to the gentiles who are our sworn enemies. I'm proud that the up and coming generation is clearer on these issues than yours. There really is hope for our future, in spite of you.

Netanyahu condemns Jerusalem lynch

Five days after brutal assault of Arab youth by Jewish teens, PM vows to reject all manifestations of racism and violence. 'As Jews and Israelis we cannot accept this,' he says

..."This is not our way, it goes against our values and we strongly condemn it," he said.

..."This must be clear: the State of Israel is democratic and enlightened; a country where all leaders stand against such phenomenon.

"This is what sets us apart from our surroundings and will continue to set us apart...."

Commentary: And with this double-standard, all of the atrocities carried out daily against Jews is excused. Maybe you haven't noticed, Mr. Prime Minister, but we are at war and if you continue to fight this war like there really isn't one, we are going to lose. You're saying, as Israelis, we should turn the other cheek. That's not only the wrong religion, it's suicidal!

Barak continues Id al-Fitr phone diplomacy

After calls by Netanyahu and Mofaz, Defense Minister Barak phones PA President Abbas, wishes him well on end of Ramadan.

...Opposition leader Shaul Mofaz, meanwhile, called Abbas on Sunday with his own holiday greeting.

Leftist Orgs Take Taglit Youths on Pro-Arab Tours

Makor Rishon: NGOs take Taglit youths to Palestinian Authority villages, provide anti-"occupation" narrative.


  1. Muslims are notorious for harming, even killing their brother to make a point and if it can get the Jews in trouble even better.. When a mosque was burned down in Israel Jews were blamed and all the good erav rav lined up to side with our enemy. Months later some muslim neighbors turned the names of those responsible into authorities. Of course there wasn't even one headline announcing the truth and certainly not an apology for trashing the reputation of innocent Jews.

  2. In this case, the Jewish kids are claiming responsibility, if this report can be believed:

    Lynch suspect: Victim cursed my mother, let him die

  3. How can we comment fully when the full facts have not been revealed? It might have been self defence by the Jews, it might have been a verbally provoked attack or an unprovoked attack? All we can say at this point is that we hope Moschiach comes and violence ends.

  4. they are so predictably stupid and evil and helping our enemies to make us look like weak fools.
    you never have them running out to support jews who are killed by the same arabs they are worshipping today

    lynch means a dead man hanging from a rope. they dont even know how to describe the events that occur

    and when no one is around to be seen, it has to be a jew who did it.
    may hashem save us from men the quicker the better

  5. Group Warns Arabs ‘Get Away from Jewish Girls’

    The Lehava anti-assimilation group has raised a stir by using last week’s suspected mob beating of an Arab to promote its agenda. The group has distributed pamphlets warning Arab men to stay away from Jewish girls “so you won’t get hurt,” Channel 10 reports.

    “Dear young Arab man, we do not want you to get hurt,” the pamphlets read. “Our girls are precious to us, and just as you would not want a Jew to date your sister, so we do not want an Arab to date a girl from our people. Just like you would do everything to prevent a Jew from dating your sister, so too for us… Last week an Arab thought he would go find Jewish girls, and got hurt.”