06 August 2012

"...prepare for redemptions"

19 Menachem Av 5772

Rabbi Wolfson: Disaster, Redemption May be Near

Rav Moshe Wolfson of Brooklyn has held an emergency gathering in his community and called upon the members to be strong in Torah and prayer so that the Jewish people will survive the time of tension with Iran. The rabbi noted that the Torah sages predicted that Persia, now called Iran, would one day destroy the world, in the times immediately preceding the Redemption.

..."In the coming weeks we face a total war in Iran, Israel, Europe and the U.S. And the nation of Israel in its entirety must prepare spiritually. The Rambam says that it is a mitzvah to pray in difficult times, and if one does not pray, one is being cruel, and it causes the situation to get worse, G-d forbid."

The rabbi compared Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the evil Haman from the Scroll of Esther, who wanted to kill all of the Jews. If Israel attacks Iran before it achieves nuclear weapons, there will be a world war, he said.

"There is no need to panic," he added. "We believe that G-d will perform miracles for us, it is possible that the time of Redemption (geula) has come and we must prepare for Redemption. Since the Holocaust, G-d has made great miracles for the Jews, especially in the Land of Israel, that hosts most of the world's Jews. And the Torah world receives unnatural help from Heavens. We can see that G-d wants to perform miracles for us and we must prepare for redemptions."


  1. BS"D

    Are we sure this isn't just a story from back in February?


    Can anyone confirm this meeting took place in recent days?

  2. Arutz Sheva which ran this story as "news" typically do not say from when or where it originated. I checked the Hebrew news sites and YWN and nothing was being reported so I tend to think you may be right that it was taken from a few months ago. However, would that make the message any less valid or valuable? How much more so now that we have come this much farther down the road.

  3. http://rashbi2012.blogspot.com/2012/08/another-prophesy-being-fulfilled-end.html
    Last 40 days to moshiach

  4. There does seem to be confirmation that this was a recent event.