17 August 2012


29 Menachem Av 5772

...Braced for chemical threat

...a bid to psychologically prepare the world for the prospect of chemical warfare....

...perceive a chemical-biological weapon threat. Military and medical preparations are being quietly put in place. Reconnaissance teams from potentially targeted countries have infiltrated Syria.

...Medical preparations are also in place. The US and France are flying special military hospital facilities trained in the treatment of chemical weapon injuries to Turkey and Jordan.

Israeli hospitals are on war alert and have begun opening fortified emergency wards and making them ready for patients.

Tuesday, Aug. 14, IDF Home Front Command units embarked on a series of chemical attack drills in the towns of the northern district down to Afula, which is 52 kilometers east of Haifa and 110 kilometers north of Tel Aviv.

The soldiers taking part in those drills wore new anti-contamination suits.

In Tel Aviv, city hall announced underground parking spaces would be available in an emergency as bomb shelters for up to 850,000 people.

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