30 August 2012

"August Surprise"

12 Elul 5772

Heavy Rain in Western Galilee

Northern coastal Israel experienced an extremely rare August event – a significant rain storm. Forecasters Wednesday night had said that there was the possibility of a small drizzle in the north, but Thursday morning's rain went far beyond the very light rainfall that occasionally happens during the summer months.

Residents reported steady rain that lasted for more than a half hour in several areas of the western Galilee, from Nahariya south to Akko (near Haifa), and many broke out umbrellas that have been collecting dust for months. Thunderclouds were reported off the coast, although no thunder or lightning was reported.

New Orleans also had an "August Surprise," but it wasn't a welcome one for them. Many of the people who were affected by Isaac and also by Katrina said it's too much and this time they will leave for good.

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