17 August 2012

Are you a "prepper"?

29 Menachem Av 5772

It seems like everyone is preparing for something - war, economic collapse, breakdown of civilization, end of the world. We Jews, as a people group, have been around longer than anyone else. What will we be preparing for in the coming month of Elul?
Judgment Day - Rosh Hashanah.

Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG

...Right now, Wall Street insiders and central banks all around the globe are making some very unusual moves. In fact, they appear to be rapidly preparing for something really big. So exactly what are they up to? In a previous article entitled "Are The Government And The Big Banks Quietly Preparing For An Imminent Financial Collapse?", I speculated that they may be preparing for a financial meltdown of some sort. As I noted in that article, more than 600 banking executives have resigned from their positions over the past 12 months, and I have been personally told that a substantial number of Wall Street bankers have been shopping for "prepper properties" this summer. But now even more evidence has emerged that quiet preparations are being made for an imminent financial collapse.

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