03 July 2012

The 9th Plague

13 Tamuz 5772

UPDATE 9am: Just received an email from Rav Fish with the following in the subject heading: "HaGaon Hamekubal Rav Beniyahu Shmueli announced in his weekly shiur that we are standing at the end of the redemption [process]."


Is this a message that we are this close to the complete downfall of present-day Egypt? (They even feature the earthquake-damaged Egyptian obelisk, otherwise known as the Washington Monument, as representative of their center of power.)

Just as the final plague resulted in Paro letting the Children of Israel go, so should the next plague on America result in present-day Paro Obama letting Jonathan Pollard go. And if he is Mashiach Ben Yosef, as many believe, and if, as Rav Fish and others have said, he will arrive by Tisha b'Av, it won't be long in coming.

As I recall, the tenth plague was the worst of all. G-d help them!


  1. please what did rav shumeli say
    he said within 60 days redemption will begin

  2. Rav Shmueli said Saf HaGeulah, not Sof HaGeulah. As you know Saf means threshold while Sof means end. OK minor matter.

  3. Just to tie everything in this post together, Rav Shmueli's latest shiur (at least from the transcript) quotes the Zohar that talks about the process of Mashiah coming and says:

    וכמה מפריצי ישראל יתהפכו לחזור אל הגויים ויבואו עימהם לעשות מלחמה על מלך המשיח - אז יחשך כל העולם חמשה עשר יום, ורבים מעם ישראל ימותו בחושך הזה ועל זה כתוב הנה החושך יכסה ארץ


    And many transgressors of Israel will turn around and join the goyim and come along with them to wage war against Mashiah. Then, the entire world will become dark for 15 days and many of the nation of Israel will die in this darkness. And upon this, it is written, "Behold the darkness will cover the earth."

  4. I don't want to throw cold water over this, but the transcription of Rav Shmueli's shiur on Parshat Hukat includes an almost word-for-word copy of the Or Elyon newsletter, and that is where it says "ועל פיו ניווכח שאנו על סף הגאולה". It appears that the Or Elyon newsletter came first and the person transcribing Rav Shmueli's shiur copied that text and added it to the shiur. We therefore don't know for sure that Rav Shmueli said this.

  5. Thanks to everyone for the comments and thanks to Dov for the clarification. I did not vcatch that distinction, Dov. Thanks for pointing it out. Also, many thanks to Yaak for his additions.

    Yaak, wrt "darkness" covering the earth for fifteen days and it's a worldwide event, do you think it could be a result of an EMP caused by a massive solar flare? I was just thinking about those pictures of the earth from space showing all the bright lights in the inhabited areas and what it would look like with no electricity. Otoh, even if a volcanic cloud encircled the earth and blotted out the sunlight for two weeks, electricity would still allow for light.

    Thoughts anyone?

  6. In the week prior to the massive storms that caused this blackout, 30 families were thrown out of their homes on Ulpana Hill about 300 meters from where Ya'akov Avinu had his famous dream, and G-d promised him that he would break out in all four directions of the compass. These 30 families lived in comfortable apartments until they were rudely told to leave their apartments for trailers where the air-conditioning might not be working as well. So now almost 2 million Americans in the Washington DC area and adjacent states don't have electricity or air-conditioning. Now I am sure Paro has enough emergency generators in the White House to keep him comfortable. So the plague is not complete. Yet, the ratio of people suffering when we suffer is getting larger and larger. Back last September when three families in Migron had their permanent homes destroyed at 2 am, about 3 hours later 57 wildfires from Hurricane Lee destroyed 1550 homes at least outside of Austin, Texas where Gog W. Bush had been Governor and as Pres. had almost daily demanded the destruction of Migron. Now that is a 500 to one ratio. So now we have 2 million to 30 families (about 200 people in total). That is now about 10,000 to one ratio. So over the course of ten months we have traveled from 500 to one to 10,000 to one for every Jew that suffers here in Eretz Yisrael because of their hatred for us.