03 July 2012

The 9th Plague

13 Tamuz 5772

UPDATE 9am: Just received an email from Rav Fish with the following in the subject heading: "HaGaon Hamekubal Rav Beniyahu Shmueli announced in his weekly shiur that we are standing at the end of the redemption [process]."


Is this a message that we are this close to the complete downfall of present-day Egypt? (They even feature the earthquake-damaged Egyptian obelisk, otherwise known as the Washington Monument, as representative of their center of power.)

Just as the final plague resulted in Paro letting the Children of Israel go, so should the next plague on America result in present-day Paro Obama letting Jonathan Pollard go. And if he is Mashiach Ben Yosef, as many believe, and if, as Rav Fish and others have said, he will arrive by Tisha b'Av, it won't be long in coming.

As I recall, the tenth plague was the worst of all. G-d help them!