01 May 2012

Good Signs for Yisrael in Iyyar

10 Iyyar 5772
Day 25 of the Omer

"Supermoon" on Shabbat and Solar Eclipse across China, Japan and America two weeks later.

Biggest Full Moon of the year due this weekend as 'supermoon' raises tides around the planet

The moon is set to get a lot bigger this weekend - at least from our perspective on Earth.

And the 'Supermoon' - the nickname for a perigee full moon, closer to the Earth than usual - could cause tides to rise around the world as the moon's close 'fly past' exerts 42% more tidal force.

The moon will appear bigger and brighter - sky-watchers promise this 'supermoon' will be 16% brighter than most when it begins on Saturday at 3.35pm GMT, 11.35am EDT.

The annular solar eclipse of May 20-21, 2012

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