16 April 2012

Stop Politicizing the IDF!

24 Nisan 5772
Day 9 of the Omer
(One week and two days)

Every other day, Israelis find a new political football to kick around. Today, it's Lt.-Col. Shalom Eisner who allegedly "beat youths" who participated in a "Pro-Palestine" (ergo anti-Israel) event in Israel on Sunday. (See video here.)

Everybody who is anybody is weighing in...

Netanyahu condemns beating of pro-Palestinian activist by IDF officer

Peres slams IDF officer for attack on activist

Ya’alon: Deal Harshly with Lt.Col.’s Violence

Of course, it's the Erev Rav who are quickest to condemn their own guys and to take the side of the troublemakers "peaceful protesters." They're always so attuned to what the goyim will say.

I want to know why they keep sending in the army to do a policeman's job!? A soldier is trained to fight and kill. What do they really expect when someone perceived as the enemy gets in their faces? A policeman is trained to keep the peace. That's why they are alternately called "peace officers." Is it part of some evil plan to emasculate the Israeli army or are they really just that stupid!??


Here is a sampling of what some others had to say...

Rav Ronsky: Why does Israel Let in Anarchists?
Former Chief IDF Rabbi, Rav Avichai Ronsky, thinks the State of Israel places its soldiers in an impossible situation when it allows anarchists to enter its territory, then demands that the soldiers be measured in their response to them.

Rabbis: Officer reacted to highly unusual circumstances
Several prominent rabbis expressed their support for Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner, who was suspended after assaulting a Danish pro-Palestinian activist with an M-16 rifle, saying that the military's decision to suspend him was impetuous.

Eisner expressed remorse over his action, saying that while he should not have flung his weapon at the activist, the video footage released depicted only "60 seconds out of a two-hour event."

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