23 April 2012

No Endorsement of Individuals

1 Iyar 5772
Rosh Chodesh B
Day 16 of the Omer
(Two weeks and two days)

I received an email that made me realize that people may get the wrong idea about videos that I post. I do not endorse any individual or their work. If I post a video, it is because it is the content that I find interesting or credible and it has nothing whatever to do with whoever is presenting the material.

The Coast to Coast interview video with The Horizon Project's Brent Miller that I recently posted must have been done in 2009. It appears that it was only uploaded to Youtube in late 2011. The Horizon Project website does not seem to have been updated since 2009 either.

That said, the fact that the "mainstream" scientific community denigrates someone's work or conclusions does not automatically mean it's wrong. The surest sign that a person may be onto the truth is when others ridicule him rather than bringing opposing data. In any case, where the "scientific community" is concerned, history shows that those who went out on a limb at the risk of being professionally ostracized usually turned out to be right in the end.

It's only in the past few years that scientists feel they have proven to themselves that a black hole is at the center of the galaxy. This knowledge goes a long way towards explaining the recent phenomena taking place in our world as we approach the galactic equator. Here is just a sample of the latest:

Winter finally arrives -- in April!
Triple digit temps in Southwest -- and it's still April

Mystery surrounds deaths of 877 dolphins washed ashore in Peru

See the video 2011 ~ The Year The Earth Went Wild

Ultimately, it is our own sources - the prophets of Israel - who guide us. I'll remind you of some of them which I compiled in a recent post entitled Tanakh on Earth Changes:

...And it shall be at the end of the days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be firmly established at the top of the mountains, and it shall be raised above the hills,.... And they shall come into the caves of the rocks and into the hollows of the earth, because of the fear of the Lord and because of the splendor of His pride, when He rises to break the earth.

Therefore we will not fear when the earth changes and when mountains totter into the heart of seas. ...Mountains melted like wax from before the Lord ... For the stars of the heavens and its constellations shall not allow their light to illuminate, the sun has become dark in its going forth, and the moon shall not shine its light. ...I will make heaven quake, and the earth will quake out of its place,...for
windows from above have been opened [the dark rift at the center of the galaxy pictured above?] and the foundations of the earth have trembled. The earth has broken; the earth has crumbled; the earth totters.

...the fishes of the sea and the birds of the heaven and the beasts of the field and all the creeping things that creep upon the earth and all the men who are upon the surface of the earth shall quake, and all the mountains shall be thrown down, and the cliffs shall fall to the ground. ...I will cause the sun to set at midday, and I will darken the land on a sunny day. ... on that day that there shall be no light, only disappearing light and thick darkness. The whole earth shall be changed to be like a plain,....

It sounds strangely like all the "wild" predictions being made in many corners for the day when our planet comes closest to that black hole at the center of the galaxy - 21.12.2012.

The Church made the mistake of allegorizing all the prophecies about an Israel physically restored to its own land. Before 1948, it was inconceivable, but today...! Realizing that all these descriptions of massive earth changes could very well be taken literally puts a whole new light on them.

Look, we can't possibly know for sure if any of these 2012 predictions will come true, but if they do begin to take place, we will understand why and will be able to take comfort in knowing that it was also discussed in our sources - the same sources which assure us that Mount Zion, the Temple Mount, will be a place of refuge. Our tradition tells us that it was from the Even Hashtiyah - The Foundation Stone - that the world was created. It is anchored in place as the spot that connects Heaven and Earth; therefore, it is the only truly stable spot on the planet.

I bless us all to merit, out of the abundance of Hashem's great mercy, to live and survive to talk about it in 2013!