05 April 2012

Mitzrayim in the News

14 Nisan 5772

Egypt: Brotherhood presidency candidate says Shariah 'final goal'
Khairat el-Shater meets with Salafi clerics, stresses he would form group of religious scholars to 'help parliament' enforce Islamic law. Omar Suleiman gives up presidential bid

Suleiman gives up presidential bid over Islamist foothold in young army elite

Former Egyptian intelligence strongman Gen. Omar Suleiman’s decision, finalized Thursday, April 5, to drop out of the presidential race in the June election shocked Washington and Jerusalem and dashed their hopes of a figure capable of halting or at least offsetting the Muslim Brotherhood’s monopoly of power in post-Mubarak Egypt. The Supreme Military Council ruling Egypt, the SCAF, concluded in a series of secret conferences that Brotherhood and radical lslamist power had become unstoppable, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report.

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