09 April 2012

Making the Omer Count

17 Nisan 5772
Day Two of the Omer

Ever wonder why we count up the omer rather than counting down? It's because we are not just marking off the days until a great event - the giving of the Torah on Har Sinai - we are preparing ourselves for that event. And so, we count up every additional day as we accumulate more and more soul corrections until we stand complete at the fiftieth level of purity, ready and able to contain the light which flows down to us on Shavuot.

While you're counting the omer, make it count.!

Prayers for the Omer Count

PS: I just want to add that this is the reason for ridding ourselves of spiritual chametz prior to the beginning of this process. As long as our egos are still puffed up with pride, we will fail to see that we have any corrections to make. Only when we have deflated our egos as flat as a piece of matzah will we be ready to seriously and sincerely tackle the job of correcting our character traits in preparation for receiving the Light of Torah.

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