19 March 2012


25 Adar 5772

Attack in Toulouse a 'Red Light' for Jews, says MK Danon

The murder of a Jewish teacher and three children in Toulouse flashes a “red light” for Jews in the Diaspora, says MK Danny Danon.

Their blood is not even dry yet and already the secular Zionists are shooting off their mouths, as if had the victims been in Israel, they would have been safe in the protective arms of secular Zionism.

What was the murder of George Sa'ado!? And what was the stabbing of Yehudit Aaron!? What of the thousands of Jews in southern Israel huddled in bunkers with school cancelled for a full week if not a "red light" for Jews in Eretz Yisrael!?

You secular Zionists claim to have created the State of Israel as a haven of safety and security for Jews worldwide. Well, you have failed! Jews are not safe ANYWHERE as long as safety and security is the goal!

Stop denying the reason for Jewish existence---to be ovdei Hashem. And Jews in chu"l, don't come to Eretz Yisrael for any other reason than that it is ratzon Hashem!!

ה' ינקום דמם


  1. I have noticed a trend. Wherever the Left are in charge there is no justice. They are like swooning parents who don't want to discipline their children because they fear their anger and want desperately to be their friend. Consequently the children grow up to be narcissistic monsters with a nasty disposition and an attitude of entitlement. There are no repercussions. When there is a crime here the media don't fully describe the suspect. They give a clothing description, hair color and we are to guess the rest. Apply this to the State level and that's where Israel stands today with the secular Zionists. But we should be grateful that Tel Aviv is the gay tourism capitol of the world!!

  2. Thank You TD! well said!