02 March 2012


8 Adar 5772

If Hashem is looking for a reason to show Am Yisrael mercy, let Him see how His children are pulling together for their brother - Yehonatan. Nothing unifies Jews - of whatever background, affiliation or level of observance - like the issue of freedom for Jonathan Pollard.

Please remember him in your prayers during the coming hours and days.

JPOST editorial:Freeing Pollard

...The campaign to release Jonathan Pollard is heating up again. Next week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres are set to ask US leaders for clemency for the former US Navy Intelligence analyst who was convicted by a US court of spying for Israel and sentenced to life in prison in 1987.

Israeli Reform rabbis beg Obama to free Pollard
...[They] met with Obama privately after the president spoke at a Reform Conference in Washington in December.

Nearly half the meeting was devoted to the Pollard issue.

In their appeal to the president, the rabbis stressed that commuting Pollard’s sentence was a matter of consensus throughout the Jewish community. But Yoffie emphasized that while Pollard’s release was important to the Jewish community as a whole, “it is especially important to the Reform Jewish community.”

The rabbis said after the December meeting that they felt the president had listened to their appeal with a sympathetic ear. They told people they felt encouraged and that they were expecting movement on the Pollard issue “soon.”

“Hopefully we will see some progress in the not-too-distant future in terms of getting clemency for Jonathan Pollard,” Saperstein said in a video calling for Pollard’s release that has been circulating on YouTube.

American Jewish leaders expressed cautious optimism that the Obama-Netanyahu meeting could lead to Pollard’s release.

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