29 February 2012


6 Adar 5772

One can sense a new momentum (which seems to occur regularly at this time of year) towards freeing Yehonatan Pollard from prison. In recent days, both former Reagan National Security Advisor Bud McFarlane and New York Congressman Bob Turner have publicly called for President Obama to commute Pollard's sentence from "life" to time served.

According to the Official Justice for Jonathan Pollard website, an Israeli Channel Two report claims:

"President Shimon Peres and PM Netanyahu are going to Washington next week and they are expected to ask for the release of Jonathan Pollard, reports Israel's Channel 2 News. Journalist Udi Segal explains that while talks are expected to focus on Iran, this would be a good time for the President to make a humanitarian gesture by freeing Jonathan Pollard."

(See what top US officials have to say about the injustice done to Pollard.)

It is best to pray for Yehonatan Pollard's release every single day, but it is especially critical in the hours prior to the meetings between the Presidents and the Prime Minister. Please request a mishebeirach prayer for Yehonatan ben Malka in your synagogue this Shabbat!

Text of the Chief Rabbi's prayer here. English translation here.
Text of Rav Mordechai Eliyahu ztz"l's Prayer here. English translation here.

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  1. Just updated from the J4JP fb page:

    TRANSLATION: On the Eve of the Netanyahu – Obama Meeting Pressure Mounts for the Release of Jonathan Pollard

    By Itamar Eichner – Yediot Achronot – February 28, 2012

    ... Hopes are mounting that President Obama will deal with the Pollard issue in his upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and with President Peres.

    The former US Undersecretary of Defense, Lawrence Korb, who has first-hand knowledge of the case, recently visited Pollard and expressed the hope that this ordeal will soon end.

    Additionally, congressmen from the Democratic Party which President Obama heads have been turning up the volume in their calls for Pollard’s release.

    Top level American officials have joined the call for clemency for Pollard, among them former Secretaries of State Kissinger and Shultz. In light of mounting public pressure there is an expectation that the President will choose to deal with the issue at the meeting.

    In advance of the meeting the American group, Justice for Jonathan Pollard, has released a new video in which Senior American officials are asking for clemency for the Israeli prisoner who was convicted of spying for Israel.