26 October 2011

Message from Binyamin at end of year 5771

28 Tishrei 5772

There are a few new messages that need to be translated. I started with a short one. (Q & A to follow)

Message from Binyamin

There will yet be very big things. And what more is there to say!? At long last, what we have been talking about for seventeen years is beginning to take place. It’s not ‘beginning,’ because the process already started some time ago. And still, with all the troubles and with all the falls, with the money as well as the bizarre and difficult things from nature, also wars in every place and riots everywhere, and seeing the sheker, that it ascends and rises more and more, being exposed more and more, in every corner, in every place. With all this, at the moment that there is a drop of calm – a majority of the people return to what was. They don’t think about teshuvah. They don’t think about drawing closer to Hashem. They’re returning to the same nonsense, to the same concepts which are just the sheker of olam hazeh, and therefore, much greater troubles are coming now and almost without a break between them. [Sanhedrin: “If you see troubles pulling like a river, etc.”] Until Hashem will repair all the true Jews. In Egypt, it took a whole year, all the plagues, with breaks between them, but for us, there won’t be a lot of time in between one and the next – like now.

Like we said once, you’ll look above and it will come from below; you’ll look right – it will come from the left. Now, it’s from the right as well as from the left, from above and also from below, and from one side and also from the other side - from every place. It’s impossible to know where to look and what to think.

For the not-intelligent people who are still planning for the future six months ahead when there will be some social gathering or in hopeful expectation of some trip that they will make abroad. So, I ask very much from them: To see the truth, that it’s impossible to know what will happen from moment to moment, and now, especially, it will be what it will be, very difficult for those who do not trust in Hashem. For those who do trust in Hashem and are truly waiting for Mashiach….and truly weep over the Shekhina’s suffering, it will be the greatest joy.

So, those who understand what I’m saying, I bless you that all of us together will receive our righteous Mashiach in mercy and happiness. And to those who don’t understand what I said, I pity you and pray to HKB”H that nevertheless, he will save you in power.

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23 October 2011

New Messages in English

26 Tishrei 5772

You can read new messages from the autistic children here.

03 October 2011

Message - "5772" End

5 Tishrei 5772

Lipi's Message - "I am very sad"
14 Elul 5771

I am very sad. Very sad that in days so difficult and dangerous, the Jews are busy with disputes. The Jews are busy with falsehood. The Jews are busy with severe sins. The Jews are busy with the Golden Calf, with the lusts and materialism of the Egel. I am sad, very, very much, that Am Yisrael doesn't understand that this is the end, that we are standing before a very huge and difficult war, not only in Israel, but also the world.

The changes in This World in all of this world, from two years ago, are really astonishing. Changes that are hard for us to digest. And there is, for the majority of the people in the world, a will not to believe that the world, in fact, is not the same world it was ten or twelve years ago.

We, the Jews, are standing before a huge birur - a clarification. Also, the whole wide world stands before a huge birur. But, especially important to me - the Jews.

And the Jews, in general, the majority, don't want to believe that the end has arrived. Like two thousand years, approximately, we have been wandering around the world, in exile, sometimes living in a very good way, materialistically, and sometimes a life in a situation of very high spirituality, but usually, the two don't go together. And therefore, the situation today is one of materiality. And there are very many Jews who are of the opinion that the materialism and spirituality can co-exist. But, that can't be. Materialism and spirituality, which is closeness to Hashem, cannot co-exist. Under absolutely no circumstances. And now, at this moment, without waiting, every Jew must choose. Whether he wants the materialism or the spirituality. But both of them, impossible. They must choose only one from the possibilities. And materialism is not only silver and gold, it's also faith in other powers, foreign powers. And this is to believe in low powers. But, there are Jews who believe that low powers have like saved them.
(i.e. IDF, American political support, etc.)

And spirituality is closeness to the Holy One, blessed be He. And to live a life of spirituality - that is to say, to live all the time the will of Hashem, every day and every night and all your life. If he is a spiritual person - that's what there is in his head.

And now will be the big choice, this Rosh Hashanah. Every Jew is choosing where he wants to be. Whether he wants to be with the Golden Calf, which means the death of spirituality and materialism forever, G-d forbid, or whether he wants spirituality, which is proximity to Hashem forever. [I Kings 18: 21 - "And Elijah drew near to all the people and said, 'Until when are you hopping between two ideas? If the Lord is God, go after Him, and if the Baal, go after him.'"]

It's the end, it's the end. We are drawing near the end at the speed of lightning. Many Jews have awakened from their slumber. And every one who chooses materialism and distance from HKB"H, suddenly at the end, he will understand that maybe, actually, not maybe - of course, that he made the biggest mistake of his life, And this he will understand at the end before death, and then he will die, G-d have mercy.

I very much warn all the believing Jews about lashon hara. Because slander is possible, G-d forbid, to bring down the holiness from Am Yisrael. Woe to you, woe to you. The punishment is too great even to explain to you.

I bless all the Jews for a good year, a year of redemption and salvation, that every Jew and Jewess, boy and girl, will receive our righteous Mashiach in mercy and joy.

[Quoting tractate Chovot Halevavot... "Love of this world and love of the world to come, they are two problems, one to the other. Fire and water, that can't co-exist."]

02 October 2011

Message - "5772"

5 Tishrei 5772

Daniel's Message, 28 Elul 5771

Am Yisrael, I want to wish you shanah tovah, but how can I wish you shanah tovah; this is my problem. What can I say that I haven't already said? But, let's begin and I will tell you what is in my heart and what I know from various sources.

Am Yisrael, truly, truly, the world as we have known it is finished. It's finished. Everybody can see it. He only has to want to accept the truth and to see that it's impossible to continue with the drunkenness that's been until now. It's finished! Do you hear? It's finished! There are here and there traces of what once was, but it's finished.

In the world, the Shechina is disappearing from all the lands and is gathering in Eretz Yisrael. What are you still doing there? What else are you benefitting from there? The exile is finished, the world of unnecessary materialism is finished. What else do you have there?

This World is being revealed as one big lie; everything is a lie. You see it already; everyone sees it already, but don't want to accept it.

It's finished because it's impossible to continue with a world of falsehood, that a person is not able to believe in anyone or anything, impossible.

Even a person who doesn't believe, G-d forbid, in HKB"H, has to believe in something. At least, to believe that his friend is honest with him, that his Prime Minister is honest with him, wants the good of the citizenry, but this, too, is no longer. They've revealed themselves, all over the world, as liars who only want to suck from the little guy all the money that he has and after they've sucked it all from him, they throw him in the trashcan.

But, Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, you feel it, that in the near future, now, now, now, 5772, there will be huge things, unbelievable things. Indeed, for those who know the prophecies, it won't come as a surprise. Those who put their trust fully in Hashem, it won't be a surprise for them. They will come through it much more easily, but those who don't have a clue, who don't have real faith and trust in HKB"H, and it doesn't matter if they are Shabbat observant or not Shabbat observant, they won't be able to get through it.

The situation is bad. All the institutions that we put faith in, have been revealed as empty and full of falsehood, who don't have the good of the citizen at heart or at will or at service, only falsehood.

Leave the lie, return to HKB"H, trust in Him, know in truth that only He is omnipotent, the "Hakol Yachol." That He directs us in this world to the world to come, to the world of Mashiach, a complete world, calm, that only goes up and up in spirituality, ascending, ascending, ascending in the direction of HKB"H.

And after this, the seven thousandth, that will be something so wonderful that we don't know how to describe at all, hard for our imaginations to understand it.

Am Yisrael, I suggest to you, in truth, I can't tell you more, but now, I will say this in preparation for Rosh Hashanah: Am Yisrael, those who are in exile and those who are in Eretz Yisrael, return to HKB"H, those who are abroad, return, return to Eretz Yisrael, with all that is happening, it is the most secure place.

The Zionists? There are no more Zionists. There are various Jews that are sitting in the Knesset who are stam evildoers, decidedly not Zionists. Erev Rav, Amalek, evil ones. No longer Zionists. They're dead, all of them, and if there are here and there some old ones who still remain from then, he's also no longer Zionistic. He's either Amalek or Erev Rav. There are no Zionists, only evildoers, like all the gentiles in the world.

The Chareidi community is full of Amaleks and Erev Rav, so return to Eretz Yisrael, to the Holy Land. At least to demonstrate to HKB"H that we are ready to return home, that we want the redemption already, that we want to sit on the ground, not in the State of Israel, but in the Land of Israel, upon the ground that is holy.

It's worthwhile, really worthwhile to return. And those who are not able, return to HKB"H. He will bring you on eagle's wings. Only those who truly put their trust in Him, only those who truly believe in Him and trust in Him and know that He is "Hakol Yachol." (He can do anything.)

We are entering now, with G-d's help, to 5772. All the signs are that this is the year of redemption, all the signs in every place. All the prophecies show that we have a huge chance that this is the year of redemption.

And if, G-d forbid, not, then of course, this is the year that the world turns upside down, because the world can't continue like it is. The world has deteriorated very quickly. It cannot last.

So, Am Yisrael, I wish you shanah tovah, k'tivah v'chatimah tovah, and I request from you, to return home, to actively return to HKB"H with all your heart, with all the essence of the person. Also to return to Eretz Yisrael, not the State of Israel, the Land of Israel.

Shanah Tovah.