27 September 2011

Messages from the Autistic Children

Ancient Jewish sources indicate that when prophecy was taken from Israel, it was given to "children and fools." Today, many believe that autistic children are directly connected to Heaven and since the discovery of Facilitated Communication, they have been delivering "Messages from Heaven."

This post compiles the most recent English translations of the messages in one post for easy reference. Note that many earlier messages translated into English are available at the Messages from Heaven website.

New Messages - Tamuz 5774

Menachem: "We're Entering Into the Darkness"
Menachem: "We're Entering Into the Darkness" - Questions and Answers
Binyamin: "Fear Takes Control"
Binyamin: "Fear Takes Control" - Questions and Answers (Part 1)
Binyamin: "Fear Takes Control" - Questions and Answers (Part 2)
Binyamin: "Fear Takes Control" - Questions and Answers (Part 3)
Binyamin: "Fear Takes Control" - Questions and Answers (Part 4) FINAL

New Messages - Sivan 5774

Message from Moishela: "Life Is Zooming By" and "Mazal Tov"

New Messages - Iyar 5774

Binyamin: "The Last Crusade" - Questions and Answers (Part 2)
Binyamin: "The Last Crusade" - Questions and Answers (Part 1)
Message from Binyamin: "The Last Crusade"
Message from Moishela: "L’Shanah Haba’ah B'Yerushalayim"
Binyamin: "The State of Israel - It's Not a Jewish State"
Message from Binyamin: Excerpt on Catholic Church

New Messages - Nisan 5774

Message from Daniel: "This Time It's For Real"
Discussion with Moishela: "We Must Focus On The Truth"
Message from Binyamin:"And planted eternal life within us"

New Messages - Adar Bet 5774

Discussion with Moishela: "Achdus Is To Be One With Hashem"
Discussion with Moishela: "Stand Up and Say No"
Discussion with Moishela: "They Want to Destroy Yiddshkeit"
Message from Daniel: "NO FURTHER": (Pt 2) "They Will Die Just from Fear"
Message from Daniel: "NO FURTHER": (Pt 1) "Today We Are Like in Egypt"
Message from Menachem: "If there's no geulah - there's no next generation"

New Messages - Adar Alef 5774

Message from Binyamin Golden: "Go Into the Ghettos"

New Messages - Shevat 5774

Discussion with Moishela: "Only Hashem's Army Can Win"
Discussion with Moishela: "These Tragedies are Divinely Sent"
Discussion with Moishe'la: "The Quicker You Wake Up, The Quicker It Will End"
Discussion with Moishe'la: "On The Threshold of the Geula Sheleimah"

New Messages - Tevet 5774

Discussion with Moishe'la: "I Looked Out the Window..."

Discussion with Moishe'la: "No One Can Enslave Us"
Discussion with Moishe'la: "Eisav's Burning Hatred to Yaakov"

New Messages - Kislev 5774

Discussion with Moishe'la: "The Only Real State of Existence"
Discussion with Moishe'la: "Mi L'Hashem, Elai!"
Discussion with Moishe'la: "Who to Life and Who to Death"

New Messages - Cheshvan 5774

Discussion with Moishe'la: "Pack Your Bags"

Discussion with Moishe'la: "Now We Are Orphans"

New Messages - Tishrei 5774

Discussion with Moishe'la: "Mesirus Nefesh is Our Answer"

Discussion with Moishe'la: "We Cried and We Cried"
Discussion with Moishe'la: "Time to Go Back to the Shtetl"
Discussion with Moishe'la: "The Final Hours of this Golus"
Discussion with Moishe'la : "Kapparot"
Discussion with Moishe'la : "Our Last Journey..."

New Messages - Kislev 5773

Message from Moishela: "There Are Almost No Leaders And All Is Confusion"

New Messages - Elul 5773

Discussion with Moishe'la : "...Now WW3..."
Discussion with Moishe'la : " It's time."
Discussion with Moishe'la - R"H Elul

New Messages - Menachem Av 5773

Binyamin - "Sheker Rules the World"

Discussion with Moishe'la - 1
Discussion with Moishe'la - 2
Discussion with Moishe'la - 3
Discussion with Moishe'la - 4

Binyamin - "Humiliated Jerusalem"

The Last Messages to Am Yisrael

Daniel - 26 Kislev 5772 (Part 1)

Daniel - 26 Kislev 5772 (Part 2)

Areleh - Rosh Chodesh Tevet 5757

Moisheleh - 2nd candle of Hanukah 5772

Binyamin Golden - 3rd candle of Hanukah 5772


"Why are the Righteous Being Taken Away?"
"Before the Explosion"

"World War 3"

"We've Lost Our Kedusha" - 11 Cheshvan 5772
Daniel's Message - 29 Tishrei 5772

Erev Rosh Hashana

Use These Last Precious Moments to Get Closer and Closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu

Prepare Yourself This Minute for What is Coming


Message from Binyamin at end of year 5771


Daniel's Message - "5772"

Lipi's Message - "5772" End



Elul Messages - Pt 2
Elul Messages - Pt 3

Elul Messages - Pt 4


Message #1 from Binyamin - 4 Av 5771

Message #2 - "The Last Days of this World"

Message #2 - Q and A
Message #2 - Q and A continued
Message #2 - Q and A completed

Message #3 - "There's nowhere to run"

Message # 3 - Q and A Message #4 - "The Last Days of This World"

Message # 4 - Q and A


Message from Moishela (23 Av)
Message from Menachem


July Message from the Autistic Children - Pt 1
July Message from the Autistic Children - Pt 2
July Message from the Autistic Children - Pt 3
July Message from the Autistic Children - Pt 4

20 September 2011

Elul Messages - Pt 4

21 Elul 5771

The War Has Already Begun
Menachem, 8 Elul 5771

I will begin with a hard sentence: In the near future there will be a war. A war in all the Middle East. And then, they will forget all of the nonsense in the heart, in the thoughts, and in the deeds. And this war will draw in more countries, until it will truly be the BIG war. Not Gog uMagog, but the BIG war like what we call "World War 3." And the last clarifications will then be: Who is on the side of truth and who is not. And it's a lot closer than you dream. And what has happened and is happening this week, that is what the future will be based on.

(The Israeli Embassy in Egypt was overrun on 11 Elul and two days later, Turkey sent three warships to the Mediterranean and threatened Israel's navy.)

The coming times will be much harder that it was until now. But, don't despair, continue on, no matter what. And if it's hard now to be modest and close to the truth and to HKB"H, in the very near future, you will notice that it will begin to be still harder than it is now. But, together with this, you will see many women who will decide to sacrifice themselves for the sake of Heaven and will begin to dress themselves in much modesty. And this will annoy the Mitnagdim (those who oppose them). And then, there will be the BIG war. And the mitnagdim who are not Jews who stood at Har Sinai: "They will receive the award." And then, also, the Zionists will fall further. I don't know what else to say. Today is the end of the evildoers. They have a feeling that they are disappearing, that these days are their last and therefore, they are even more evil. [Daniel 12:10 - "...the wicked will act wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand; but the wise will understand."] And this feeling, it's not conscious, but sub-conscious.

And your examples just prove that the times are already even more difficult and we have to hold on, so to speak, to the rope of HKB"H and not let go. Now, He will swing us more strongly. Don't let go of the rope! And the rope is our connection to Him. And those who already feel the strength of the swinging and still succeeded to hold onto the rope until now, so, in the future, it won't be so hard for us. We won't tire so much from this rocking. And we can feel more secure that we won't fall, and we will succeed in holding on tightly to the rope, strongly with both hands. [Isaiah 41:10 - "Fear not, for I am with you...I have strengthened you, even helped you, and even sustained you with my righteous right hand."]

And in the end, Hashem will, so to speak, gather the ropes with all the Jews, and lay them down in the Land of Israel, in the Beit HaMikdash. [Ezekiel 36:24 - "I will take you from among the nations and gather you from all the lands, and I will bring you to your own soil."] And they will bring korbanot and there will be peace, and there will be wholeness. [Bechukotai, Lev. 26:6 - "I will provide peace in the land...." Look in the Ramban there.]

Look, the Jews that came out of Egypt came out with much silver and gold, but, it's impossible that they had materialism, because they did not have food and water. So, what is materialism? The gold we cannot eat. And if there isn't food, there isn't life. And if there isn't life, there is no materialism.

It's clear that we will pass through a great fear in the war, etc. But, those who really believe - they won't be without food, without what the body needs in order to continue to live, liquid and food. It won't be a delicatessen, but the taste - it will be a taste of the Garden of Eden. And the miracle will be natural. In truth, everything now is also a miracle [See the Ramban, end of Parshat Bo]. It's just that it's covered with a lot of trash and impurity, and therefore, it's hard to see the miracles. When you eat sweets, it's the body and it doesn't at all reach even close to the soul and spirit, but in the near future, we will eat and it will be good for the body, but it won't be for us a lust and a craving to eat. It will fill the body and the body will operate perfectly. It will be for us strength to learn and to serve Hashem and to ascend in steps and not to fear and always, we will feel good, because we have to feel good in order to ascend spiritually. Because, if the body is full of pain and fatigue and depression, it's impossible to ascend spiritually [Look in Rambam, Hilchot De'ot, perek 4, halacha 1: "Since the body experiences health and wholeness from the paths of Hashem, that's why it's impossible that he will understand or know, and he is sick, etc."] And all the world of Mashiach and all the era of Mashiach - the goal will be to ascend and to ascend and to draw closer, more and more, to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, to the brilliance of the Shekhina. [Psalms 36:10 - "...By Your light, may we see light."][See end of the prayer 'Uva l'Tzion goel' - "...and merit that we live and see and inherit goodness and blessing in the years of Messianic times and for the life of the World to Come...." and it is often said at the end of Birkat HaMazon: "The compassionate One! May He make us worthy of the days of Mashiach and the life of the World to Come." And look in Rambam, perek 9, from Hilchot Teshuva and the end of Hilchot Melachim]. And it will be such an immense pleasure that I don't know how even to begin to explain or describe it. [Isaiah 64:3 - "...no eye had ever seen a god - except for You - that acted for those who trust in Him."]

Q. Why do we feel a 'heaviness'?

A. Now, we are heavy because already there is a war. The war began in Heaven as well as here. [See Daniel, chapter 2: "At that time Michael will stand, the great prince, etc."] And you are fighting this war daily. You are on the battlefield and many other Jews are fighting on several issues in Yiddishkeit, but the holiness is the issue. [See 'קול דממה דקה', Vol 38, and others] And it's also pertinent to a person's mouth, to speech.

And you will feel this heaviness until the war itself will begin - the physical war between all countries. Because the victory in Heaven will be before the victory in this world. So, therefore, first you will feel that the heaviness is going and disappearing even before the war finishes. The war will nevertheless be frightening. But, a person, the true Jew, will begin to feel relaxation and ease, motion in all his limbs, even before the war ends, because the victory in Heaven will come first and he will feel it. [Isaiah 40:29-31 - "He gives strength to the weary, and grants abundant might to the powerless. ...but, those whose hope is in Hashem will have renewed stength, they will grow wings like eagles, they will run and not grow tired, they will walk and not grow weary." Look in Sanhedrin 92.]

I'd just add the following from the introduction to the Kol Hator of the Gr"a:

"...As for the second Geulah (in the time of Mashiach Ben David), the Gaon, along with other master mekubalim, asserted that there will be great wars, both in the physical and metaphysical planes between the Jews and other nations, as well as internally between Jews and "Jews" who are part of the Erev Rav (the "Mixed Multitude")."

19 September 2011

Elul Messages - Pt 3

20 Elul 5771

The Time is Finished
Binyamin, 9 Elul 5771

I want to say to Am Yisrael that the time is very short and if we said it fifteen years ago, now it's really very short, very, very. And I believe that every person, Jew and gentile, feels already that we are coming to the end of this world as we know it. [Ezekiel 7:2 - "As for you, son of man, so said the Lord God: 'To the soil of Israel, an end! The end has come upon the four corners of the land.'"] Also, many gentiles are talking about it - about the end of the world. Very many gentiles believe that we don't have more than a year or a year and a half (Dec 2012). And I'm telling you that I feel that it's a whole lot less than a year or a year and a half. It's so interesting that the gentiles talk about this so much and the Jews - relatively little.

I see on the Jewish street in Eretz Yisrael, despite the very great danger, and also the Jews who are in the US, in England, and in Europe, etc., that they are simply wandering around like nothing is happening. And they continue with their dreams and with their materialism and with their pleasures. Yes, going and praying to Hashem, many from the chareidim, praying three times a day, truly, but, it's without heart and without fire, the fire that lights the relationship between the Jew and HKB"H. [Shir Hashirim 8:6 - "...for love is as strong as death, ...its coals are coals of fire of a great flame!"]

But, I am compelled to say to all the sleeping Jews: the secular Jews, the religious, the Orthodox, the Chareidi, the Ultra-Orthodox - that the time is finished. And if until this Rosh Hashana and until this Yom Kippur, there will not be really true repentance, if you don't prove to HKB"H that you are true Jews, that you want to be close to Him, that you believe that He is Omnipotent, that He is the King of kings, then your end will be to fall into the abyss and to disappear. And true Jews who stood at Har Sinai, but they are stiff-necked, Hashem will soften their neck, but with much suffering before they come to the truth. [See Sanhedrin 98.]

Finished. Finished is the materialism that was spilled from every direction, the huge waste of a drunken people with a ravenous craving for all the materialistic things that were ours in times past in such abundance that there was nothing like it in all of history. We have turned into drunkards. [Isaiah 28:1,7 - "Woe is to the crown of the pride of the drunkards of Ephraim ...the position of his glory, which is at the end of a valley of fatness, crushed by wine. ...These, too, erred because of wine and strayed because of strong wine; priest and prophet erred because of strong wine, they became corrupt because of wine; they went astray because of strong wine,..."] Drunkards who behave like drunkards, who disgust the powers of holiness, and who descend so low until it's hard to believe it's even possible to save them. But, nevertheless, the end will come.

The Jews, Am Yisrael, Bnei Yisrael that HKB"H so loves, [Avot, Perek 3, Mishnah 3 - "Yisrael is beloved...great affection..."] that He created them especially [Isaiah 43:21 - "This people I formed for Myself; they shall recite My praise."] His dear son! [Jeremiah 31:19 - "Is Ephraim a son who is dear to Me? Is he a child who is dandled? ...My very innards are agitated for him; I will surely have compassion on him," says the Lord."] He will not leave you! He will bring you from every corner of the world, and if you are far from Him in heart and mind, He will drag you with strength and you will suffer very much, but in the end you will come to the truth and will be saved, but it will be very hard. And those who hold on all the time in faith and trust in Hashem and don't fall, even if they laugh at you and say shameful words to you and spit upon you because of your sacrifice for truth, you will be superior to them - those who arrive at the redemption much more complete and you will be those who enter first into the Beit Hamikdash.

I know that we wrote, not just once, similar words, but now, the time has come. And it's not just the autistics saying it, also many rabbis are saying it. Not so well-known rabbis, perhaps, and there are many more Sefaradi rabbis who are speaking about these things than Ashkenazi, but, it's the truth. And all the difficult things that we said are about to be, truly will be. And if you think that because the dollar goes up a bit or goes down a lot, goes up a bit more and goes down a lot more, it says that the dollar will continue to go up and that you will be able to continue to make festivities with the money that you earn, sometimes honestly and sometimes fraudulently, then I say to you that it already won't go. It's finished and if you think that one day the stock market will go up high-high and the second day it will go down low-low and on the third day, another time low and the fourth day go up beautifully, then we can already return to all our nonsense and relax in the illusion that the material world, the world of the Golden Calf, the great lie, that it is continuing and we can still live in quiet "as if in the world of HKB"H" - in the world of our falsehood!? No! It's finished! It's completely finished.

But, you will get a few more hits and additional examples in order to demonstrate to you who is 'Boss,' and who created the world, and who is the Master of the world, in order that we will understand that man is nothing, not even like a fly, Much less than a fly. And the Golden Calf will disappear with all the toys, with all the materialism. It won't only disappear, it will burn, it will fall. It will look like the Twin Towers after they fell. [Isaiah 40:15 - "...behold the islands are like fine [dust] that blows away.] [And see Isaiah, chapter 2, verses 12-22 the whole matter there at length]. Am Yisrael! We should have a good year, and a good sealing, and we should merit to receive in the near future, Mashiach Tzidkeinu, complete in our spirits and in our bodies.

18 September 2011

Elul Messages - Pt 2

19 Elul 5771

A Severe Warning Soon
by Yitzchak Izik, 24 Menachem Av 5771

I want to speak and I want to tell that in the near future, the world will change very much. Very much. In the past two years, all the time, the world was descending slowly, slowly towards the abyss. It descends and then like, stops and descends and like, stops. In all areas, in all directions. The direction - it's down.

But, in the near future, there will be another very difficult descent, similar to a very tall "roller-coaster." We will go down a descent in a roller-coaster called Olam Hazeh. We will go down the most difficult descent. But, only those who are close to HKB"H will come back up and the remainder will go to the abyss.

And again, I want to say that we, Am Yisrael - we are the center of the Creation. ["B'reishit - for the sake of Israel who is called 'reishit.' " Rashi] We - the closest to HKB"H, the dear son of HKB"H. [Isaiah 5:7 - "For the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts is the House of Israel, and the people of Judah are the plant of His joy;...."] We have to be holy. And whoever is holy and whoever will be close to Hashem and will be one who tries only to do the will of Hashem - he will continue to be the center of the Creation. He will go and will develop. Before, in days of Mashiach and afterwards, he will ascend more and more in an ascent that we cannot understand right now.

But, the whole world, the vast majority of the nations and the great majority of the Jews, don't want to understand. Don't want to love Hashem. Don't want to come close to Hashem or to do His will. They want only the Golden Calf with all the toys, with all the immorality, with all the immodest things, with all the lusts, all the most forbidden things. And they want to dress it up in righteous clothing and to do what they want. And this - in all areas, in all areas.

Holy ones, holy ones, this is the essence of Am Yisrael, the holy people. The holy. ["Yisrael are holy" - Pesachim 97:2, Niddah 13:1] And only whoever is holy will be able to come close to Hashem, holy in speech, holy in behavior, holy in heart, holy in mind, holy in all limbs of the body. [Lev. 19:2 - "Speak to the entire congregation of the children of Israel, and say to them, You shall be holy, for I, the Lord, your God, am holy" Num. 15:40 - "So that you shall remember and perform all My commandments and you shall be holy to your God." And see Rashi, end of parshat Acharei-Mot and the Ohr HaChaim there.] And if he is not holy, then he is not built to live in the world of Mashiach, not built for the World to Come. He won't have the tools. [Ovadiah 1:17 - "And on Mount Zion there shall be a remnant, and it shall be holy, and the house of Jacob shall inherit those who inherited them."]

Look at what is happening in the world! Look, look! You don't see!? You don't understand!? You don't feel it!? Are you thick-headed!? What is it with you!? What is with you!? Are you so, so far away!? When a person walks in the street, sees the rudeness that is on the chareidi street and doesn't understand that something is very sick within our community, doesn't see the shops that are only an imitation of the gentiles, the dress which is only an imitation of the gentiles, the involvement with nonsense... You don't see it!? You don't feel it!?

Jews, Jews! Where are you? Where is the "Jew" that is inside the Jew? Where is the soul that was at Har Sinai!? I don't have more to say and I don't believe that there is more to say. It will be the most difficult times in the near future, here in Eretz Yisrael as well as in the world. And I want to say to you that it will be hard and not without purpose. The hardest. Hard, hard. And whoever doesn't handle it - simply won't be. Whoever won't be close to Hashem - simply won't be. [Joel 3:5 - "And it shall come to pass that whoever shall call in the name of the Lord shall be delivered, for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be a deliverance, as the Lord said, and among the survivors whom the Lord invites."]

I beg of you: my heart is broken, Am Yisrael! Am Yisrael! You don't understand!? Start going in the right direction! In a little bit, you will receive another large and severe warning, abroad as well as in Israel. And I hope that you will understand the hints. To the Jews abroad, you are more asleep than the Israelis, but you got a little shove. Hashem grabbed the land and shoved it. He's shoving you. Really. He inserted fear and you ran to the street from fear. But, the fear disappeared, because suddenly, everything got quiet again. But, this fear - it was in order to say to you that one day - Hashem will move you strongly and if you won't be together with HKB"H - you won't come out of it alive.

Hashem is threatening you. Like at Har Sinai when He held the mountain over our heads, but this time He won't do that. He will give to everyone a free choice, in order to decide where, where he wants to be. Everyone will have to decide for himself what he wants. And a majority of the Jews are Erev Rav, therefore, this will be a private decision only of the Jews themselves. Because Erev Rav don't have any decision. They are not able to walk together with HKB"H. They can only be with the Golden Calf. But, true Jews are only able to be with HKB"H and even when it appears that they have free will, in truth, they don't have. HKB"H will take them, will drag them, so to speak, to the truth, whether they want it or not. End.

I'd just like to comment that this sounds very contradictory, but in reality, it's not. So-called "free" will is not unlimited. As I understand it, certain choices were already made before we came into this world. As a member of Klal Yisrael, we have no choice about our final destiny. Our "free will" only determines whether we will arrive at it by the quick and easy path or the long, hard route. That is our choice. And this is the choice which the autistic child is speaking of. Either we do teshuva on our own and make it easy on ourselves and earn reward for it or Hashem will force us to do teshuva which will be hard and painful and we will lose any reward we might have gained from coming on our own. And those who come the hard way will have many, many regrets.

15 September 2011

Elul Messages

17 Elul 5771

The Only Connection - The Connection with Hashem
Menachem, motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Ki-Tetze
12 Elul 5771

There are black clouds on the horizon. The sky became black and the deep darkness is pouring down upon the face of the whole planet. (Isaiah 60:2 - "For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and a gross darkness the kingdoms,....") The world is waiting for the end. And the spiritual and material darkness has already arrived upon us, to people in every place in the world. The sensitive among us and those closer to the truth are already able to feel the darkness, the black that is everywhere, the depression, the fear. But, the majority of Jews and gentiles have more bogus happiness and they continue with the music, and the dancing, and the stupidity, a life of emptiness and materialism. But, the end is very near and we have no time. We don't have much time to save ourselves. At the moment that the great war begins in earnest, it won't be possible to return in teshuva, because the confusion will be so great that even if a person wants to return in teshuva - he won't be able to. His mind won't work, the heart will turn to stone and he will die. Therefore, the teshuva needs to be before this. Not necessarily "before," because the first shooting has already begun, but when the stage of all the world burning will arrive, then it's already the end of the teshuva for This World. One thing I want you to understand: There are a few Jews who are on the way to the truth. Like we said, there are Jews that it takes them time to arrive at the truth, but if they stood at Har Sinai, Hashem will compel them to return in teshuva. But a situation is already enlarging in which each Jew is in isolation. And even if he finds a group that is like him, he is isolated. Even if he has a rabbi - he feels himself isolated, alone. But, with Hakadosh Baruch Hu - he feels close. That is to say, that because of all kinds of reasons - the man is not able to establish a relationship with another person to the end, not even with his rabbi. He will need only a direct relationship with HKB"H. And only by way of a direct relationship with his Creator will he be saved.

It's worth it to you and to everyone to quickly develop this relationship through the end, or as much as you can. Because this is the single relationship in the world. And it's the single truth in the world. People feel that they are finding truth in all kinds of situations, in all kinds of relationships, in all kinds of theories. But, truthfully - there is only one truth, and it is: The relationship with HKB"H. And HKB"H is the truth - and there is nothing else besides Him.

Q. If at the end, there is already no possibility to return in teshuva, then how do we say that Hashem will return every true Jew to the truth in the end?

A. I said, after a certain point. Hashem will return all of those who need to return. He will compel them to return in teshuva, no matter what. Like a man that they overpower and take him to a hospital despite his will, and he resists treatment, they coerce him to receive the medications. He shouts and screams and he refuses and resists, he doesn't want it. But, in the end, he receives treatment, and in the end he recovers. Also with these, He will compel them to treturn in teshuva despite that they are stiff-necked. And it's not so simple. There are true Jews who are so broken and so distant, that with all the suffering, in the end Hashem will join a special operation for the sake of changing the head, and will open eyes and the heart and the brain to the truth.

Since Adam HaRishon we have a choice, but in practice - it's not a regular choice that we have the possibility to choose if we will go with the truth or not. Hashem directs us and worries that the sparks, the souls that He creates will arrive as designated, as He desires. In actuality, the First Man and his wife had to go through the Great Fall. Because thus the world needed in order to pass through all the stages until the redemption, and to transfer to the redemption. It's hard to explain to logical people, but as you were saying - in the heart you feel it. We're seeing more and more that we have a war on the horizon. Hashem should help us and save us. And after Rosh Hashana there will be amazing situations.

11 September 2011

Message # 4 - Q & A

12 Elul 5771

Q. It's already years that you, and the young men who are like you, are saying the same thing - that the end is near, etc. So, how do we know that now it's the time?

A. Every fool is able to see that this is the time, because at no time was there such a severe economic situation, "security," plagues of nature, etc. Never was there a situation like this confusing the whole world - never. Maybe only when the world was beginning - "tohu v'vohu." And this is what there is now - almost complete chaos. Everyone can see it. And whoever thinks and whoever tries to continue his foolish life, in just a bit, it will be known who is right and who is not.

Q. If this time is so confusing, then why no awakening?

A. Why did the generation of the flood not wake up? Then, also, there were the severest sins. And they didn't want to listen to Noah. Why? And even when the rain came down, they didn't want to listen. Even when the water arrived at their necks, they didn't want to listen. Why? Because they benefitted from their sins and they didn't want to stop. And they didn't want to live a life of closeness to Hashem, a life of holiness. Also, today, they benefit more from the pizza, from their friends and from all the trash that has come into the chareidi world.

And the seculars and the gentiles, they live, overall, a life of trash, so why should they want to stop? They believe in "Eat and drink today, for tomorrow we die." What do they care? ["And behold, joy and happiness, slaying cattle and slaughtering sheep, eating meat and drinking wine; "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we will die." Isaiah 22:13]

There are important Jews, even rabbis, even heads of yeshivas, who don't want to stop the way of the people, because they also benefit from it. They benefit from the prestige of their jobs. They benefit from the money that comes in and baruch Hashem, there are now big problems with the money and already they can't give strength to the falsehood. And now, we see who is learning in truth and who is not; who is learning for the sake of Heaven and who is not.

Q. If the end is so near, then maybe you will guide us, in a nutshell, how to prepare.

A. I always say, "in short," because if I would speak long on this theme, it would take whole books in order to explain it. But, in short: Throw away all the unnecessary materialism that you don't need anyway; all the holidays and vacations, the food that is not good for you. It's only for what you call "fun." All the unnecessary things that are bringing us down spiritually and giving us all kinds of instant gratification that are not kosher because of their essence. Not because of the kosher stamp on the food. Try to live in order to do the will of Hashem. And in order to know the will of Hashem, you need to open books and learn. I'm only telling you "in short." The will of Hashem is, first of all: "Kedoshim tihiyu" - Be holy. In all aspects of holiness, in all situations of holiness, holiness of the home, holiness of speech, everything. It doesn't matter what. Family purity, purity of the mouth. "Kedoshim tihiyu" - this is the basis for everything. And from this, you can learn everything, but you have to open books and learn. Really!

I also request from you to influence your family and also your neighborhood. That everything not pertaining to HKB"H should leave the streets, everything that does not pertain to a true Jew - a Jew who is close to HKB"H. Don't forget!

Be holy. This is the main thing and don't make for ourselves "heterim." Under no circumstances make for ourselves "heterim," because a "heter" doesn't operate in Shamayim on this subject. Because, now it's the end and there's already no heterim for nonsense.

Q. Will it help to distribute this message to rabbis and admorim?

A. Definitely not. The majority - it doesn't interest them at all. It even annoys them and it threatens them. Those whom it does not threaten, they know the truth without our messages.

Q. If the rabbis don't believe in this, then how can the public believe in it?

A. The rabbis who don't believe in it, they influence as many as they can, but they are few. However, the people - the true Jews - the words of truth touch their hearts and even if their rabbi tells them "no," they will know and will understand what's the truth.

The truth that I'm speaking of is a very, very logical thing and very simple. You don't have to be a very great talmid chacham to understand it and to believe in it. But, there are great talmidei chachamim who are trapped with the non-holy side of life, with all the things that don't pertain to Jews, only to turn into "k'ilu" - as if - pertaining to a Jew, because there is on this some kind of "hechsher." Like for example, custom wigs that are not at all Jewish. It's really like a bareheaded fashion model and not like a true Jewess, but for this, there is a hechsher. [See "Still Small Voice," edition 48: The Crown on the Head of the Golden Calf]

A person who is close to Hashem is not able to understand how it's possible to give this a hechsher. And even if a rabbi will give a hechsher for this, it doesn't prove that it's true, and there are endless examples like this. Hashem will help every true Jew who stood at Har Sinai, in the presence of Har Sinai, to return in full teshuva. Even if he is secular, even if he is national-religious and even if he is chareidi...

Yes. I want to remind you that this cease-fire, it's not the end. Under absolutely no circumstances is it the end. And more great troubles will come upon the world and upon the Jews. In order that they will understand and will return to HKB"H. And if we will understand - then it will be much easier for us and we will receive our righteous Mashiach with happiness and with mercy. But, if we will not want to understand, G-d forbid, we will pass through gehinom in this world, but nevertheless, we will arrive, if our souls stood at Har Sinai.

So, please, why suffer!? The evildoers will disappear. The evildoers, the liars, the Erev-Rav, Amalekites, every one will disappear. And we, the true Jews, will live eternal life. But, the true Jews who are still far from the truth, and will fight against the holiness of HKB"H, they will have to pass through, really, gehinom in this world, in order to arrive to a situation that they will be ready also, body and soul, to receive our righteous Mashiach.

I can only say, the things this week, you can see many things happening. This Sunday is a day drawn out a bit in the news, especially during the holiday, news not so flowing with information like other times, but very fast. Fast, fast, the world already is not like it used to be and it varies incredibly.

Q. But no one sees this?

A. Fortunately for us, this is incorrect. People are beginning to see it and beginning to be frightened. But, they don't know what to do. They don't want to do teshuva. They are not ready to give up the materialism. ...they are holding on to the tail of the Golden Calf with their life. They don't know that the Golden Calf belongs to death. (Stop.)

08 September 2011

Message # 4 - "The Last Days of This World"

9 Elul 5771

The Last Days of This World
Moisheleh, 23 Menachem Av 5771

I want to speak to the Jews in Eretz Yisrael:

Ceasefire or not, the problems won't cease and also won't cease in the near future. Don't think that if there is an agreement for a "so-called" ceasefire, it means there's nothing more to fear, that it's possible there will be a return to the daily nonsense that you so much enjoy. It's simply far from the truth. Because it's only a little break and not for always. Because Mashiach waits to be revealed and nothing in the world at this moment is able to stop it. Therefore, all the troubles that were in the past years - it's only for the sake of awakening us. To awaken Am Yisrael from your strong deep sleep. To awaken you so that you will begin to understand that all your materialism and all your "fun" and all the insignificant things of your Olam Hazeh, will not help you to live eternal life. Because the single thing that will help you is to return in teshuva and to try very much, with all your essence, to live a life of Hashem's will.

There's no time. Truly, there's no time. The last days of this world as we know it, these last days are really numbered. And don't laugh at what I'm saying, because the laugh, in truth, it's the last laugh. The bottom line is "ayn od milvado" - there's nothing besides Him. And if you don't believe it and don't live like this, then you are standing before the most fearful and difficult surprises. You won't be able to digest it and you won't be able to get through it in peace, because you trust in Tzahal, in the government, in the police, in the hospitals with doctors, etc., but, they won't have any power and they won't be able to help you at all - at all. Only whoever trusts in HKB"H - he will be rescued. Because, only He is able to rescue everyone. Yes, only HaKadosh Baruch Hu. Again, I say to you! If you want to continue to be in the world of the living, then now - at this moment - it's up to you to change your way. To change your life and to try to trust for everything only in HKB"H. Because, He is the One who created us. He is the One who created the world, all the stars and even the heavens and He decides what to do with them and what to do with us. Whoever does not trust in Him, whoever has no trust similar to the trust of the Jews who went out of Egypt, then to eternity, he won't have any possibility to live.

In the near future, there will be in Eretz Yisrael and in all the world, the most difficult and fearful situations. Things that you couldn't dream of situations like this. You'll get up in the morning and think that you are in another dimension entirely; in an imaginary movie and not in this world. You will be very, very afraid. But, those who trust in Hashem and know the prophecies and are close to HKB"H and try to do His will, they have no worry. And like the twenty percent who went out of Egypt despite everything, they trusted in HKB"H and they went out. And they were the ones who stood at Har Sinai. And exactly these souls from this twenty percent are the true Jews that, with G-d's help, will receive our righteous Mashiach.

In Egypt, all the Jews kept three Jewish things: their language, their Jewish way of dress which distinguished them from the gentiles, and their names which were peculiar to Jews. Also, we currently do the same thing. On those three things we keep. [In terms of Jewish identity] It doesn't matter that we changed a bit the appearance of Jewish women - but, in total - all retain these characteristics. But, also with us, like in Egypt, even when they kept these three things, nevertheless, only twenty percent really trusted in HKB"H and believed in Him. The rest, all those who stayed with the Egyptian idols, didn't go out. Also, now, all the Jews who have idols like the Golden Calf and not HKB"H, even that think that they are chareidi and they - yes - believe in HKB"H, but in the heart - no. These Jews will not survive, exactly like in Egypt.

Again, I say: In the coming days and in the coming weeks, there will be many difficult and very confusing surprises for the population of the world and also that of Eretz Yisrael. I bless all of us, all of those who read my words. I hope that they are true Jews and not Erev Rav wearing the dress of a chareidi Jew; that we will return to Hashem and will receive our righteous Mashiach in happiness and in mercy.

And all those who laugh at my words and the words of the other young men like me, I have mercy on them a lot because the truth is truth. And whoever is going against the truth will not survive.

[To be continued with Q & A]

07 September 2011

Message # 3 - Q & A

8 Elul 5771

Q. Why are you happy?

A. I'm happy that I am writing. I'm very fearful about Am Yisrael. And I'm very fearful about all of this world, but it will bring us to the complete redemption, with G-d's help. I hope that Hashem will have mercy upon me and upon all of us. And that all of us will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach in the near future.

Q. Why is there this feeling of heaviness, of "ayn ko'ach" - no strength?

A. "Ayn koa'ach" - this is a good sign, because those who have no strength, who feel weak, it's because they are waiting so strongly for Mashiach. And they also see the falsehood clearly and this is what tires and discourages them. But, there are those who aren't aware of the falsehood and they don't worry about all the things like immorality and lack of faith and trust in Hashem - they're still happy because they're still dreaming about their future. They're dreaming about their trips and their vacations and about the promotion at work. And these are the Erev Rav. They are not able to understand and they are not able to be saved, because they are not able to grasp this. They are born with intelligence, but the head of "Egypt" - of materialism, of idolatry - and it doesn't matter if they are going with long coats and beards and wigs. And it doesn't even matter if we call them "Rav." Despite this, they come from the culture of Egypt. And whoever is really waiting for Mashiach - he isn't able to be Erev Rav and he suffers. The Erev Rav don't suffer. But, in the end, they will suffer the hardest suffering that will be in the world.

Q. There are rumors that soon the Arabs will attack.

A. I'll tell you. As we see, they have begun. I don't know exactly how it will be. I only know that it is the single thing that will wake up the Jews, except for the money. Once, when it was difficult here with money, or when there were problems with security, they would run to the US or another place. Now, there is danger there, too, and the economic situation is lousy. In our world today, there is nowhere to run away. Also, the times are not like they were once. Time is running and it's not imagination. It's true, it's really true.

[Coming up: The fourth and final message for this month - "The Last Days of this World"]

06 September 2011

Message #3 - There's nowhere to run

7 Elul 5771

Menachem, Menachem Av 5771

The world is collapsing. Collapsing. And the residents of the planet are beginning to pay attention that everything is trembling under their feet. They are beginning to feel a lack of balance, mental and spiritual; going around with fear in their hearts without understanding exactly from what. They know and understand that the economy all over the world is falling in big strides. And even those who still have jobs, and even in countries that still do not feel any type of pain from the severe economic situation in the world, they also worry about their futures.

We've come to a situation where many people are worrying a lot about theirs and their families' futures. They worry if there will be electricity, if they will have food, if they will have proper water to drink and those dependent on medications worry about where they will get them. They worry and they fear the group of great evildoers who are trying to rule over the world and turn the majority of the world's population into slaves. The whole world is in danger.

There are also wars in many places in the world. And all over Europe and the United States and in many Arab countries and in many more countries around the world, there is a danger of violent riots from their citizens.

Also, crime has gone up in the Western world, because people don't have jobs and they don't have money for basic necessities. And there is a generation of youth who were born into the poorest homes and they live in lands with a lot of material goods. They don't have the emotions of regular people, because the Golden Calf has removed from them the refinement and sensitivity of a regular person. It's no problem for them to kill, to burn, to break, to steal. They have no problem with this. "Pere adam" - an animalistic person. And the whole world, which is called the "Western world" - rich and full of material goods - is really falling from every direction, becoming a heap of ruins. Also, here in the Land of Israel, we have demonstrations, sometimes riots, and this does not belong to Jews, because Gentiles are behind it.
[Report: 'Clinton Adviser Greenberg is Behind Israeli Protests'] Gentiles who want to destroy Judaism and in its place, build another extension of evildoers, of those who are trying to rule over the world. And also, here we are in great danger, not so much from the Arabs as from the Jews themselves, those who are still connected to the evildoers - the people of the generation of the flood.

That's enough for history. And now, we come to the bottom line: Am Yisrael. Am Yisrael must wake up, because the time is very short and there's no other way to survive. Only whoever is with HKB"H will survive. And indeed, there are all kinds of programs for how to survive when the situation of the whole world is in danger. Also, when there won't be all the basic necessities that the modern person needs in order to continue his materialistic life. They are saying to store food and water - all kinds of food like nuts and almonds, etc. And batteries, etc. All kinds of things like these. Accessories that will assist a person to survive. But, it won't help a person at all. It's only "k'ilu" - as if - because HKB"H will enable to survive only those who are loyal to Him.

And what is the goal of all of life? Of all the almost six thousand years since Adam HaRishon was created?

The goal, then as well as today, is to believe in and trust HKB"H. And to live only in order to do His will. And that's the level that every Jew must reach. And now - because, there is no time. The world will see miracles much greater than the miracles that were in Egypt and in the exodus from Egypt. Hashem gives us a little bit to peer and to see in small measure what is going to be with all the natural disasters in their variety that are happening on the planet daily. Things that in modern history we never remember such a thing.

And even the Gentiles are talking about the end of the world. The Christian as well as the Muslim - not just the Jews are talking about Mashiach.

So, what else is there to tell except for: Am Yisrael - WAKE UP! Stop with all the lies, with all the unnecessary materialism! Return to be true Jews! Be holy, be holy!

05 September 2011

Message #2 - Q & A completed

6 Elul 5771

Q. Speaking about how people have changed, in what have people changed?

A. Jews have changed and have gone down a lot, but in the near future, Hashem will draw those who are true Jews, all those who, maybe, we don't know that they are true Jews, but really, they are. Hashem will draw them to the truth. And then, they will change completely and then they will be ready to receive our righteous Mashiach, with G-d's help.

Q. What's to be done with an orphaned generation like this one? How will we connect to the tzadikim?

A. In an orphaned generation, you need to go to Abba, our Father in Heaven. There is no one upon whom to depend - only our Father in Heaven.

Q. But Judaism is built a lot upon being connected to the tzadikim. This really makes us confused...

A. Clearly, this is a very confusing time, but every Jew must hold a position and grasp the Torah. And simply, this is what is needed to guide him and to maintain him. Today, there is a problem even to ask the simplest questions. For example, to ask about kashrut from a posek is very hard, because whoever receives the question does various calculations how to answer the person this way or another way.

And that's not even to mention the Batei Din. There are here and there courts that are maybe more honest, but it's not a common thing. It's possible to rely only on rabbis who are ready to fight against the falsehood. There are indeed tzadikim from the previous generation - but it's impossible to get close to them because of the wall that encloses them.

Q. Specifically, your words reach the heart...

A. Because only the truth is able to reach the heart and the mind. So, therefore, whoever speaks truth, it reaches the heart.

There's nothing to say. In the next week, people will stop in the middle of licking their ice cream and in the middle of their overeating and will stop the parties and in the middle of the trips in order to do a "thinking moment," because things will happen like - that really will stop those who live in the World of Falsehood. And whoever lives in truth, whoever waits for Mashiach will be very happy that things are shaking, but nevertheless it will be hard to digest. End.

04 September 2011

Message #2 - Q & A continued

5 Elul 5771

Q. "Nachamu, nachamu, ami" - "Comfort, comfort My people" - with what can we comfort ourselves right now?

A. Big question. The answer, because in the near future, we will receive our righteous Mashiach, G-d willing. I'm a Cohen and I will run and go up to the Third Beit HaMikdash and there will again be korbanot. Then, we will have everything: all the spiritual and best material things to be created. In all of creation, there was nothing better than this. And the Third Beit HaMikdash will be much better than the Second which preceded it. And I will merit to be there as a Cohen and this comforts me daily.

Right, we won't travel anymore to Uman... And also, all the righteous will arrive here and we will not die. Hashem will slaughter the Angel of Death. Also, because there won't be a reason to die, because there already won't be an evil inclination. Is there a greater comfort than this?

But, with great sorrow, the majority of Jews are not at all in this direction and it doesn't so much interest them - the redemption. It's more interesting to them that they will continue to receive a salary and continue to travel abroad -"to shnor gelt." There should be a lot of gelt to schnor. It's a great pity about all the Jews, because we're standing before the greatest thing that ever was since receiving the Torah. And whoever merits to reach this - it will be an amazing thing. In fact, all the souls that were at Har Sinai will merit it. So, we will be happy with a real happiness, a happiness without blemish, happiness without nonsense, without foolishness, a great and eternal happiness, a most spiritual happiness, and we will merit to feel the strong, strong brilliance of the Shekhina and this alone will raise us up and this is what comforts me - "nachamu, nachamu ami."

This is the comfort and there's no other comfort, and there's nothing in its place. Of course, we can't comfort ourselves with salaries. We can't comfort ourselves with parties or weddings or our vacations or all our nonsense or it doesn't matter what. Only in this is it possible to comfort ourselves. But, if the Jew doesn't want it with all his strength, with all his essence, then he won't merit, because, as we've seen, he's not a Jewish soul.. Because, a Jewish soul, all the time, yearns only for this - only to be close to HKB"H, only for the complete redemption.

Therefore, real Jews, at some point, whether they want to or not, Hashem will enlighten their hearts and will continue to pull their minds in the direction of truth. Then, all the Jews - distant ones as well as near ones - will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach.

But, whoever goes out in the street - it's hard to take comfort over all that there is at the moment. It's only possible to take comfort in the future, the future to come with the complete redemption. But when we see the chareidi street and of course, the secular and of course, wherever the national religious are wandering around and also with the chareidim, it's impossible to comfort yourself. It's all heartache. Everything goes down and goes down and goes down until the abyss, and goes down and goes down, passing to the abyss.

It's impossible even to digest, even to comprehend, how Jews can come to such a low level; to such a low spiritual and material level. Right, the Erev Rav dancing around the golden calf bring Am Yisrael down very, very much. However, this advances the situation a lot. And now, the Erev Rav are thought of as Jews, really, by law. So, it's impossible to distinguish between one and another. Brutal murder, this is something that never was among Jews, that go in and kill a righteous man this way - it's something that never was. It just shows where we are in this world now, at what a low level that we never reached before. And killed precisely a man who was a symbol of modesty, a symbol of holiness: 'Holy you will be,' and this is exactly what we are doing to holiness.

"Nachamu, nachamu ami." In the near future, Hashem will burn this world, he will destroy the Olam HaZeh and leave only the Olam HaBa, the world of Mashiach and the Beit HaMikdash and the korbanot and the wholeness.

[To be continued...]

02 September 2011

Message #2 - Q&A

3 Elul 5771

Q. We would have been happy on Shabbat Nachamu...

A. That's right. The truth is that we need to be happy, but together with this, we need to be serious, because the time is draining away and passing and we are coming to the hardest things. This is another time. Everything is falling - the whole world around us - and when it's collapsing, it's impossible for a Jew to go out in the street happily. We can say everything is for the good, but on the other hand, we need to be sad over how Jews have arrived at such a low level. And even if it's written that it will be so, in any case, it's sad for a Jew, because it's dangerous for the children and it's dangerous for everyone.

Anyway, we need to operate at two levels: To understand that everything is for good, but also, to be sad. Like during the second world war that continued throughout the holidays inside the camps of destruction. The people would really need to arouse themselves to be happy if it was Hanukah or Purim, but that's not to say that they needed to forget what was happening around them and to know the seriousness of things.

A person waiting now for redemption is not able to be so happy right now because he is so waiting and he sees that it has begun. We see that there are now things that never were in the world, but he waits and waits. It's hard to wait and also to do everything that we need in the right spirit. It's possible to compare this to a person who is on a journey and he is exempt from many mitzvot and also, from mitzvot of prayer, because he is on a journey. He doesn't have stable or regular thoughts because he doesn't have a routine and doesn't have a stable place where he sleeps and eats, etc. Therefore, he is exempt from very many things.

Throughout the exile we were on the move. Sometimes, we would be several years in one place and sometimes, in another place. Sometimes, they were chasing us and sometimes, not. But, we got used to it. It was the way of life - that's it. We were able also to celebrate the holidays and also to live a regular life even in hard times. But, now, when the end of the exile is arriving, so we already don't have consideration. We don't have a daily routine to strengthen us, because we see how the world is collapsing and we're waiting for the end and this is a hard thing. Hard to organize our day the way we need to, hard to pray, hard to do many things. But, we need to fight against a lack of order, to put ourselves again in a routine so that we will be able truly to be at ease to receive our righteous Mashiach in mercy and in happiness.

[To be continued...]

01 September 2011

The Last Days of this World - Message #2

2 Elul 5771

The World is Shaking from Every Direction
Motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Nachamu 5771

[13 Aug '11]

I want to say to all the Jews and Jewesses that want the geula already this minute - patience! It really will arrive in the near future, but you need to wait with at least a little bit of patience. Because if not, then it can bring you to some kind of major depressive disorder.

Because the external world is similar to something like some animal, some creature, a moment before his death, that is drawn out a little more and eats more and sometimes when he's hungry, he is able to kill more, some victim, to eat him, but in one moment he will give a roar and lie down and die. And that's our world of falsehood. It's already in a state of illness, terminal illness. We are only waiting for his last roar before death.

Therefore, I know that you are waiting for news, and really, there are many huge signs that this world is terminally ill. And it's possible to count only a few more minutes until it dies. But, each minute is like a hundred years for the person who is waiting for the geula. For a person who suffers this difficult exile, each minute is like a whole life. But, really, it won't take much time. Because, the world is shaking from every direction and it won't take much to bring it down totally. But, before the end, Hashem will reveal huge miracles, greater miracles than the exodus from Egypt.

In order to accept all these huge, difficult things and not to lose our faith and trust, and in order to relinquish the fear of death, we must now, in the last moments that are before the end of Olam HaSheker, take all the trials that Hashem has sent us and use them as training. In everything that fightens us or in anything that doesn't go the way that we need, and I'm talking about serious things and also about smaller things, simply say with all your heart: "Gam zu l'tova," this also is for good. Hashem does for us only what is good for us. And we believe that "ayn od milvado," there's nothing aside from Him. Therefore, there is nothing that is able to hurt us or disturb us.

To say over and over, "gam zu l'tova, ayn od milvado," over and over. About everything, whether it's easier or harder. Hashem protect us. And in truth, there are going to be difficult and big things in this world. And also in Israel, there will be fearful things, and not a little blood and death. But, we will continue to say "gam zu l'tova" and "ayn od milvado," and we will pass through it relatively easily, with G-d's help. And even next week
[14-20 Aug '11], will be full and heaped up with hard things.

[On 18 Aug '11, there was a terrible attack in the south which killed 8 and injured many more. It started a missile barrage which has seen hundreds of rockets raining down over cities like Beersheva, Ashkelon and Ashdod. It has quickly led now to the re-militarization of the Sinai by Egypt and today, both Israel and Iran have warships in the Red Sea.]

I know that it must be, in the nearest future, big things. I'm not saying only to repeat "ayn od milvado" and "gam zu l'tova" without meaning. You have to feel it, to direct your head and your sense and your heart to believe with all your strength that "ayn od milvado" and that He does everything for our good. You have to believe it. And this is our job - to sit and strengthen this faith.

Again: Do not fear, do not fear. Hashem will recue us. Everything is for the good. Hashem does for us everything for good. For our good. He wants, truly, to rescue us. There's nothing aside from Him. End.

[Questions and Answers to follow, IY"H]