31 August 2011

Message from Binyamin - 4 Av 5771

2 Elul 5771

The Last Days of This World - 4 messages

(Message # 1)

I am certain that almost every Jew, and also Gentile, feels that we, residents of the planet, have the most difficult problem. A large part of them do not understand exactly why they feel this way. They know that the whole world is changing very much and this change gives everyone a feeling of insecurity and not a little fear. Nature is changing, governments are changing, the regular person on the street is changing, but despite this, they don't know how far it will go. There are a few Jews who are exactly what HKB"H expects from them, and from the history of the world, they understand better what is coming and they are preparing themselves properly for the most difficult period in the history of the world which is about to descend upon us in the near future.

How do they prepare themselves?

By prayer, by good deeds and by an internal check of all their sins. Repentance and remorse for all of them and a big cry over every thing that they did against the will of HKB"H. And they accept the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven with a full heart every single minute and they know that everything that HKB"H does is for their good. It doesn't matter how much they suffer from it, they know that all the suffering that comes upon us is in order to repair and to bring us to a much better situation, really to rescue us.

But, the second type of person, the evildoers who want to take control over the world, they also know that a giant disaster is coming in the world. They also are preparing themselves for it. But, in a completely different way, because they hate the thought that there is a Master of the World. They very, very much want to fight against Him, Hashem yishmor, to prove that their power is greater than His, we should not know of such things. The generation of the flood, really, and they are preparing themselves for this. They are digging channels in the ground, bunkers, against everything that is coming and they think that all the ten plagues of Egypt won't be able to hurt them. And they trust in this, that at the moment that Hashem will bring down the plagues, they will be inside the bunkers inside the ground, with all the food that they need, with air to breathe and even with a swimming pool and they will be able to continue to live. They are like, chas v'shalom, going to "fix" HKB"H and come out of it alive.

But, I'm warning the whole world, and especially the Jews, the time is very short, the time is really running fast. A week finishes already on Monday. The moment Monday arrives, it's already jumping to Shabbat, so, there's not much time. Not according to the calendar and not according to the feeling. The time is very short and it's worthwhile for you to prepare yourselves. If you want to be among the evildoers, then make bunkers for yourselves. These bunkers will be your graves. And if you want to reach the complete redemption and receive our righteous Mashiach, make teshuva, do teshuva, do teshuva, I'm begging you, I'm begging you.

I am a true Jew. I love Am Yisrael. Every true Jew loves Hashem and loves Am Yisrael and loves all the creation. And I cry over every Jewish neshama that runs away from HKB"H and wants to be like the Gentiles, with their coarseness and lack of holiness and with their golden calf. I cry over every single one, and not just a few tears. These tears could fill a whole lake. Not the Kineret, a much bigger lake.

I beg of you, true Jews, stop your wars against each other. Stop with the lashon hara against each other. Stop running from the truth. Return to holiness. An evil spirit has entered into Am Yisrael - a spirit of nonsense, of lust, a most goyische spirit and this spirit is detroying us; annihilating Jewish souls and I beg of you, return to true Judaism, to true Yiddishkeit, for this is an innocent Jew, a Jew separated from this world, from the gentile women wandering around all places and also in the religious and chareidi places.

From the Enlightenment movement that ruled over us for a few hundred years, we should return to the ghetto - the ghetto that needs to be pure, without the evil influences and the hardships of the world outside, without the psychologists, without the doctor trying to rule over our lives, without the politicians, etc., without the falsehood, without the falsehood. This is the main thing, without the falsehood.

We should have children who look like real Jews again, who have innocent faces, sweet faces, the face of a child who believes with all his heart that there is a Master of the World and He is Our Tata. And He is our Mommy. And He is our everything. There should be seen again true Jews that all their lives, from morning to night, and from night until morning, only do the will of Hashem. From handwashing in the morning until handwashing for kriat shema at night, who are only with HKB"H and only want to do His will.

Jews, Jews, we've sunk to the level of animals. Wander around the streets and see animals, males and females, eating like animals, like at the market. They dress themselves like animals or without clothes, and the men also, exhibiting coarseness, not refinement and not innocence. It's not the look of a Jew related to HKB"H.

Oy, oy, Am Yisrael, how many times have we said these thigns. You are stiff-necked, stiff necked. Why do you wake up only after you receive a hit, why? Your children grow mostly stiff necked. Hashem protect from what they are seeing and doing until they reach maturity.

Woe to us, how will we teach them now to establish a Jewish family? They actually take HKB"H out as the third partner in a marriage and they insert the counselor in His place, or the psychologist, and there's already no Jewish home. There is a home without holiness. There is a home with concepts of this world which are suitable for Gentiles, but not suitable for Jews.

Today we are sick with the diseases of the Gentiles because we are living like Gentiles. Then, they bring us psychologists and psychiatrists and their Gentile theories are really killing us until the end. And whoever destroys the Jewish home, destroys the coming generations and if there is no next generation, there is nothing left to live for. There is nothing for which to maintain this world.

HKB"H will destroy two thirds of the world and this is according to the prophets and it will be in the near future. One third of the world will be damaged so much that there will be nothing left alive in it. The second third will be damaged severely, but not as much as the first one. The last third won't be damaged, but whoever does not return to HKB"H, Jew or Gentile, simply won't be. He will simply disappear. We've said this many times. It's not for nothing.

You all think you will continue to get up in the morning, to do what you want to do, to go to pray and in the middle of the prayer to send a text message to friends and to speak about various nonsense and afterwards to run to work? And maybe a little at noon to learn a little and afterwards to run home and to be busy with the internet or with the cellphone or with your nonsense and it will go quietly? No.

All your toys make a separation wall between you and the truth - between you and HKB"H.

About "fun." The word "fun" - the Gentile's word "fun." There's no word with the Jews "fun." For Jews, there is only Torah, mitzvot and good deeds, which give spiritual pleasure associated only with HKB"H. "Fun" is not for us. "Fun" is treif. It's forbidden to us. This nonsense is forbidden to us. But you already don't know how to live without the "fun" - the "fun" that comprises your life.

Part of you will say - how can it be, to live without "unwinding" sometime? How is it possible to be serious all the time?

Because your Judaism is a Judaism that belongs to falsehood, you, like you go to work and you have to suffer because the work is hard, and afterwards there is a vacation. You think that bein hazmanim is a vacation from learning. Vacation from learning? What real Jew needs a vacation from learning? This must be the sweetest thing there is for him, the best thing there is for him the whole day and he wants a vacation from this? This says that the Jewish heart is not close to Hashem and does not feel the depth and the sweet taste of this good thing.

I cry over Am Yisrael. I came special into this world only to tell these things and I cry over Am Yisrael. Where are the real Jews? Baruch Hashem, there are still a few and upon these few, Hashem will build the world to come, the more complete world, the world of Mashiach. And I bless all of you that you will understand the truth, take off the hard peels that you accumulated during the thousands of years and return to HKB"H.

25 August 2011

Message from Moishela (23 Av)

25 Menachem Av 5771


A message from Moishela
A handicapped child
Chof Daled Av 5771
Aug 23 ‘11

To all my American Landsmen

Hello out there all of my American “landsmen!” Are you awake? Are you groggy from your sleep? Can I speak to you about serious things, or are you still sleeping deeply in your pajamas peacefully curled up under the cover not wanting to hear a thing? But I will scream in your ears and wake you up and force you to listen!

You just had an earthquake over a huge area of the U.S.A. including Washington DC, New York City, Lakewood, Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland. Do you believe it? Have you ever heard of such a thing since the beginning of this century and before? What do you think it’s about? Are you going to say, “Oh, well there is a fault here so it could happen. Lets go back to sleep. Nothing really happened. Only some people got slightly injured and frightened but nothing happened. Good night we can go back to sleep.”?

Fools, fools, you are going in the direction of oblivion, Chas Vesholom. Fools, don’t you see that Hashem is warning you? Boruch Hashem there were only slight injuries but it’s a warning. It’s a kindness to you, a warning that things are going to be much more difficult. Don’t you see that the world has changed and that your precious United States has become a dictatorship? Don’t you see that you are in danger?

Fools! Hashem wants you to break away from the Egel HaZahav, from the false Yiddishkeit that you have created to serve your own needs, your own wants, your own lusts, not paying any attention to Ratzon Hashem. You’ve built a lie, my dear Frum, so-called Frum fellow Jews and now Hashem refuses to let you continue, because if you continue in that direction you will ruin all of creation, Chas Vesholom, and that cannot be.

No matter how much money you have or how much power you think you have, Hashem is Hakol Yochol, Hakol Yochol do you hear? Not you, “Moishe Groiss” you are not Hakol Yochol. Hashem is Hakol Yochol!!! And He is going to destroy you if you don’t come back to Him. If you don’t go on the right path you, Chas VeSholom, could destroy creation and that can’t be. That can’t be. So I suggest my dear “Landsman” that you pick yourselves up throw out all the garbage that you collected, all the electronic toys, all the restaurants that you visit, all the gluttony, all of the lack of Kedusha, all of the terrible, terrible lapses in Taharas HaMishpocha, all the Loshon Horah all the Machlokes. Get rid of it all and come back to Hashem. This strong earthquake that shook up so much of Frum America is only a tickle and after that will come the really difficult times. And then don’t say, “But I did not know,” because it will be unacceptable.

Q: How can a person destroy all of creation?

A: First of all we are not talking about one person. We are talking about a group of Yidden that are supposed to be the closest to HaKodosh Boruch Hu but they are pulling most of Yiddishkeit into a totally different direction .It is a direction that is totally against Hashem’s Ratzon. If the Erev Rav and Amalek would, Chas Vesholom, continue the way they are going without being stopped, then Hashem would have to destroy all of creation, Chas Vesholom. Hashem loves us and He will save every true Yid who stood at Har Sinai and in the end does Teshuva.

Q: Why do you consider an earthquake a message? It’s like thundering and lightening that happens all the time. It’s part of the creation.

A: The difference is that nobody in the last generation has heard of such a large earthquake in any of these areas. It is not known as an earthquake area, even though some of the area is on a fault. There are not usually earthquakes there. Therefore Hashem has put an earthquake where most of the Frum Yidden live, and He has made it very clear that it is an unusual event, a very unusual event. And if we Jews forget that we are taught that everything that happens in the world is about us, telling us that we have to do Teshuva, then, we have lost it.

Q: Children like you have been talking to us for years (about 17 years). What’s this message different than messages about all the other things that have happened?

A: What is different is that now we can see with our bare eyes, with our human eyes that the world has changed 180 degrees in only a few years. When we used to say this before, maybe it was hard for some people to digest, for most people to digest, but now only a fool can’t see what’s happening.

The world is being run by a bunch of mafias, by a bunch of godfathers so to speak, a bunch of crazy ruthless people that are trying to turn the world into a chaotic mess. And all of the world is afraid of them and doing their bidding, but Hashem will not allow it. And everything is written in the Nevuos, and if you have half a brain go and learn and you’ll see that everything that’s happening now has been written, so that when we come to this point in history we will realize that we are in the midst of the birth of the Geulah and we must get through this most difficult time, the time of the birth itself. In order to be saved we must return to HaKodosh Boruch Hu with all our hearts and souls, with everything that’s ours, ready to give up everything Gashmiyusdik to get close to Him and to do His will.

Q: If you say that this earthquake is so impressive, shouldn’t we look at ourselves as great Tzaddikim because nobody was killed, and obviously Hashem is looking at us as Frum Yidden and Hashem is protecting us?

A: Just the opposite. This is the kindness of HaKodosh Boruch Hu that He is giving us a warning that makes fear but doesn’t kill. He is trying to be good to the Yidden, to be gentle with them. But there will be an end to His patience, (Kaveyochel).

I just want to beg Klal Yisroel. Save yourselves! Save yourselves! I am not going to go into all the things that you must do, but one thing I will tell you Kedusha, Kedusha! You have lost your Kedusha, Am Yisroel in America and in Europe. Once you were so pristine, so Kodosh, but now you have become stained and dirty like the Goyim.

Many homes do not keep Taharas HaMishpocha as it should be. Many terrible Aveiros are happening because of the Pritzus of the men and the women. Heterim by Rabbonim are given out like lollypops. And people have no qualms about watching films, videos, etc. The time that’s wasted in stupid entertainment is immeasurable and your Jewish souls have become hard as rocks, have become hard like the Goyim.

In Mitzrayim twenty percent, at the most, of the Yidden left Mitzrayim. Even though all Yidden were considered Frum keeping their language, their dress and their names. However like in Mitzrayim this is not enough. Besides the twenty percent that left, the rest of the Jewish population in Mitzrayim still worshipped the Egyptian gods and that’s what you are doing my dear American Landman. Today we Frum keep more or less our Jewish look our language and give Jewish names; however, you are worshipping the modern western American gods and if you don’t get rid of them, they will prevent you from reaching the Geulah, Chas Vesholom.

10 August 2011

Completion of the Autistic Messages from 28 Jul '11

11 Menachem Av 5771

Moisheleh, motzaei Shabbat Kodesh, Korach 5771

I also want to tell you that time is very short. Previously, they discovered in a big surprise, things that already existed and still have not revealed. Fearful situations of important people, the rulers of the world, but doing things that are really more suited to the mentally ill and it will influence the whole world. After this, there will be situations in this world, on this planet, that will frighten everyone, even the animals will be afraid. It will be very amazing, very frightening and very many people will go from this world. And with all this, what does everyone worry about more than anything? Whether the dollar is going up or going down.

But there will be things much harder than this and much scarier than this. Yes, it's scary that suddenly the money will disappear and there won't be money to buy the most basic things, but it's small by comparison to what is standing before us and all according to the prophecies.

What more can possibly be said to you? To return to the truth? To return to HKB"H? To take out from our lives all the falsehood and all the materialism? That the men should return to the true tradition of Am Yisrael, to the Torah of Moshe and the women should return to the Yiddishkeit of Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah? I know that the majority will laugh at me, but this is what needs to be done, because if we don't do this, we will disappear from this world and from the world to come, chas v'shalom!

I want to say again that the basis for the hardest situations which face us in the nearest future are already ready and it will go to directions that we didn't dream of, at least the majority of people didn't dream of it. Therefore, I advise you to begin to learn, to see and to observe what is true and what is false, because if not, they will be the most difficult surprises to you. It will begin all over the world, the basis for all the wars already existing.

At no time did we say how many Jews will survive, but what is very clear is that many people stopped going with all sorts of modest additions [to their clothes] because of the street, because of people reacting in such a hard way that they are afraid to be real Jews. They don't have the courage of Chanah and her seven sons or of any other hero of Am Yisrael and it's not simple. That's not to say that all of these who don't walk in modesty are Erev Rav, simply that they don't have the spiritual strength to sacrifice for the sake of Judaism. But, Hashem will help and at some stage, the real Jews will, of course, return in teshuva, with G-d's help!

Daniel, 2 Tamuz 5771

I want to show you an additional direction of thought which will ease upon you the difficulties and fears of the birth stage, the transfer from this stage to the next stage - the redemption.

The only real eternal things are HKB"H, the Torah, the souls of Am Yisrael and the connection between them. ("קודשא בריך הוא, אורייתא וישראל חד הם" הזוהר הקדוש ח"ג עג.) All other elements of reality except for the mitzvot and Torah study are temporary, illusory and will disappear from the world. ("מה אנו, מה חיינו, מה כחנו, מה גבורתנו... הלא כל הגיבורים כאין לפניך... כי רוב מעשיהם תהו וימי חייהם הבל לפניך, ומותר האדם מן הבהמה אין, כי הכל הבל, לבד הנשמה הטהורה, שהיא עתידה לתן דין וחשבון לפני כסא כבודך..." מתוך תפילת שחרית). HKB"H knows that we cannot move all at once from this world to the world-to-come of Mashiach.

The world to come is a world without the evil inclination, a world that is all truth, a world that the whole will of man will be to go up more and more in spirituality, to get closer and closer to HKB"H. It will be such a spiritual abundance without the yetzer hara that people might go into shock and go crazy. Therefore, HKB"H will take us there stage after stage. But, also, we need to prepare ourselves leading up to this tremendous change. Not everyone will be capable of making real teshuva and without real teshuva, it's impossible to enter into the world that is all truth.

The first thing that we need is trust in Hashem, full trust in HKB"H. To know that everything is for our good. Also, even if the world around us turns upside down, disappears, we don't have, bombs are falling from the right and the earth is quaking from the left, don't fear any of it. Just trust in Hashem. ("והשבות אל לבבך כי ה' הוא האלוקים אין עוד מלבדו"). Second thing, love of Hashem ("ואהבת את ה' אלקיך בכל לבבך ובכל נפשך ובכל מאדך") and whoever loves the Father in Heaven simply needs to also love his real children ("ואהבת לרעך כמוך").

Whoever has in his hand sins of sinat chinam, lashon hara, theft, sins by coveting, lacks kedushah and won't do complete teshuva even after having seen and will see tremendous and frightening miracles that Hashem has brought and will bring upon us in the near future. There won't be a place for him in the world that is all truth.

If one will do teshuva now, sit on the floor, put sackcloth on the body and ashes on the head and cry with tears and will truly be sorry for all his sins, it's told and it's known that if we will pray to Hashem and ask forgiveness, then Hashem will cleanse us from all our sin and with G-d's help, he will be ready to enter the world to come, to the world of Mashiach and with G-d's help, will again bring korbanot to the Third Beit HaMikdash.


In light of this article, Iran says U.S. 'will be taught the mother of all lessons': Editorial warns of pending cyber attack on electrical grid, I bring these words of Aharale for review:

"Darkness, darkness, darkness, there will not be electricity, there won’t be water…and not only that, it won’t be possible to bring food from the shops or nothing, and no gas for the cars, and the biggest problem is with the water."

Or alternatively... Solar flare may affect power, communication

It makes sense that if Hashem destroyed all the gods of Egypt before it fell, that He would do the same to modern Rome. Money, military, technology....

Message from Menachem

10 Menachem Av 5771

Continuing the messages from the autistics...

Menachem, motzaei Shabbat Kodesh, Korach 5771

I am very anxious, very anxious. We talk and we talk and we talk, to do teshuva, and to do teshuva, and to do teshuva, day and night, day and night, to do teshuva, to come to the truth, to leave materialism. I’m fed up already. I don’t want to say any more. Whoever doesn’t understand this, whoever is such a fool, who can’t see what is happening in this world, he deserves what’s coming to him. Enough!

Q. Why are you anxious?

A. Because I can’t understand why, how, people see so many hard things and don’t pay attention. Even twenty years ago, so many people started to die in so many different ways. Jews, Chareidi Jews and others, close their eyes and don’t want to know.

This is a very clear and obvious sign and they don’t want to know. And today, when really amazing things are happening, they continue as usual, like nothing is happening. How can they be so blocked up? Clearly, it’s not without purpose. Clearly, they don’t want the truth. They reject the truth and that’s what hurts me the most. Another thing disturbs me very, very much, and angers me. It is that people who are so-called “righteous” simply take Judaism and the Torah and say precisely, exactly the opposite of what needs to be and this really gives me heartache, stomachache, headache. I ‘m already not a person from this.

Q. What is the meaning of “precisely the opposite from what needs to be?”

A. Example: The most prominent is modesty. They say modesty is immodesty and immodesty is modesty! If a woman covers herself with much clothing, in many layers of cloth, then she is considered as immodest in their eyes, chas v’shalom, because she [draws attention to herself]. She walks in the street and they look at her. A mountain of clothes is interesting. But, all the immodesty with the narrow, short and tight dress, etc., it’s not interesting and it’s thought of as modest [because everybody does it]. The main thing, in their eyes, is to look like everyone else. If everyone will walk around in bathing suits in the street, then they need to be like everyone else. It’s true that many rabbis allow long custom wigs and give it a hechsher and there are even hechsherim for shops that sell really immodest clothes, narrow and short, but, it’s impossible to lie to HKB”H. Immodesty remains immodesty. They say I am handicapped and I say that these people are really handicapped.

But since the haskalah, everything has changed completely; not only in modesty, but everything---all the laws, all of yiddishkeit. And this doesn’t obstruct only those who are going to be reform or secular. Also, within Chareidi Jewry, there are descendants of the haskalah. The horrible holocaust that almost wiped out European Jewry did not succeed to wipe out the descendants of the haskalah movement and they continue to develop and grow within the hearts of the majority of Jews in this generation. Do you think that HKB”H will allow this situation to continue?

But, never mind. In the near future, Mashiach will arrive and he will be the great messenger to put this world in order and bring all of us to the truth and I wait so much. I’m simply anxious because already I have no patience. It’s almost Tamuz and so passes month after month and there’s no hope in what we are seeing, because we are seeing that people are not progressing. But what’s happening in the world gives a lot of encouragement, because it’s going really exactly according to the prophecies and if it takes place, then as can be seen, there will be, with G-d’s help, many Jews that will return in teshuvah. But, I personally don’t believe that it will be easy. I believe that it will behard, because we are a stiff-necked people and we do not submit so much to the will of Heaven. And I’m speaking about the real Jews; about the Erev Rav, nothing can be done.

04 August 2011

Message from Yitzchak Isaac

Yitzchak Isaac, motzaei Shabbat Kodesh, parshat Korach 5771
(25 June 2011)

I want you all to know. You must know. I can not tolerate when people continue to go around like everything continues as usual. I am compelled to say that in the nearest future, there will be an explosion. It will begin with one explosion and I’m not speaking davka about a bomb. I’m speaking about something hard that will happen, and from this it will go more and more, various things from every direction until a man won’t know from where will come the next hit and then, we who really believe in HKB”H will pass the greatest test. Because if we will be calm, will pray strongly and not fear, maybe get very excited, but not fearful, to trust in Hashem, then we will pass fairly easily, but it will be very scary.

There is already a fearful situation in the world, but the majority continue with their nonsense and get angry with everyone who tries to take them out from the falsehood. They yell about the truthful people who are trying to take them out from the falsehood, spitting on them and making them ashamed. But one day they will go into a big panic, not knowing where to flee, but it will already be too late for them. I know all this and every person with half a brain is able to understand this, but they don’t want to know. I don’t understand what is so delicious, what is so pleasant in all their materialism and falsehood. The truth gives a greater feeling of good to man. It gives him a greater feeling of spiritual elevation that he sees all the falsehood in the world and sees that it’s false. Then he feels much higher, much more in control of himself. He understands much more the difference between falsehood and truth. A man of truth is close to Hashem. A man of truth is close to eternity and he will have eternity because only truthful people will be able to be in the world of truth. And the world of truth is eternal, but not just an eternity of this present world, full of suffering and endless problems, chas v’shalom! It will be so good for us and we will go up and go up and go up, spiritually, more and more and more truth. If only we had already arrived to this!

I, as an autistic, see the truth usually much more than the majority of “normal” people, but I was like you---a “dummy.” I was once attracted to the material world. Not in this gilgul, but in another gilgul. And I erred so many times. I fell so many times, but now, I see the truth clearly and I cannot understand how I fell for things so silly, so marginal, so unimportant, but nevertheless, I fell. But I was also a tzadik and it’s much worse if a tzadik falls. Anyway, I came down again to this world as a fool that can’t sin and I suffer very, very much from my situation because I hate the material world and also, it’s not possible for me to go up spiritually. Because, only a regular “normal” man in this world who has free will has the ability to go up spiritually and therefore, I suffer, very, very much. I remember my sin, how I wasted my time as a regular person in the previous gilgul.

I could have arrived easily to Gan-Eden, but I didn’t do that. I was drawn to the sins of this world and I didn’t think about the world to come. I didn’t think about eternity. I believed in lies and now the truth is so clear to me and I am in a situation that I can’t go up, even if I know the truth. And this hurts me very much, but this is part of my tikun and it’s for my good. But, you are good Jews. You are in a situation of normal people. Don’t waste the time. Go up, go up spiritually. Leave all the desires of this world with its imaginary, false, temporary pleasures. And cling to HKB”H all the time.

I wasn’t just any tzadik, but I also had an evil inclination, indeed not like that of a simple man. Perhaps you would say this is not so terrible. I could go up much more and when I arrived to the world to come and they said to me about how many sins I sinned upon them, this was really an embarrassment for a man like me. I felt so bad and so ashamed, and even with all this, I would have needed to be in gehinnom only a short time and after this they were already going to transfer me to Gan-Eden. But I wanted to clean up everything, so they sent me back as a fool so I should be able to help deliver messages to Am Yisrael; as an autistic who bothers people a lot, who need a lot of patience for me, because if not, then they get rid of me very fast, throwing me from place to place. People don’t have patience for autistics who do very difficult and disturbing things, but it’s all worthwhile because now I will have Gan-Eden and if Hashem will help me and I can hold out a little longer, then with G-d’s help, I will also receive Mashiach and I will enjoy the Beit Hamikdash, the korbanot and the world to come.