23 August 2010

Poking G-d in the Eye

It just came to my attention that the start of new 'peace' talks in Washington is set to take place on the Hebrew date anniversary of 9/11---Elul 23.

Netanyahu: We can surprise the doubters to reach historic peace
...Netanyahu's comments follow news on Friday that Israel and the Palestinians will return to direct peace talks on September 2 after an 18-month pause, to be hosted in Washington by U.S. President Barack Obama.

...Both Clinton and U.S. special envoy George Mitchell said over the weekend that the negotiations will aim to reach a permanent settlement and the establishment of a Palestinian state in a year. They said the negotiations will focus on all core issues: Jerusalem, borders, refugees, security, settlements and water.

Will they never learn? They are courting tragedy...again!

So today, we hear that a new Tropical Storm is gearing up to become a hurricane in the Atlantic. It's name? Danielle---G-d's judgment!

Stay tuned...

(H/T Esser Agaroth)