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10 October 2008

"Another 7..."

Drudgereport headline: "DOW LOSES ANOTHER 7% "

So that's "7" on the first day of Rosh Hashana and "7" on Yom Kippur. Hmmm.

07 October 2008

More on Number Seven

After Rosh Hashana I posted the following image along with a short analysis referring to the significance of the number seven:

For your further interest see Hidabroot's video Lucky Number Seven.

Quoting Rabbi Zamir Cohen: "Kabbala maintains that this special number holds the secret to greater wealth and prosperity, tranquility, security and joy:the number seven holds these all."
On Rosh Hashana, the 777 historic one-day point drop, 7% of the total value of the stock market, heralded just the opposite. Instead of greater wealth, it heralded less wealth; instead of prosperity, it portended poverty; instead of tranquility and security, upheaval and uncertainty. It was anything but joyous on the trading floors.

Like a neon flashing sign, this number should be pointing us directly to Hashem, the source of all abundance. Only by following the set of instructions He gave us, our Holy Torah, can the world prosper and succeed in Truth and honest business without exploitation or subjugation.

The warped Western value system and false financial system must give way to the Torah ideal as exemplified in Eretz Yisrael under the leadership of Mashiach Tzidkeynu, may we see it very soon in these days!

02 October 2008

"Historic Day" / Historic Number

As the seventh month arrived and concluded the seventh year of the shmita cycle in Eretz Yisrael, the American (Edomic) Empire suffered a historic blow to its stock market:

(MSNBC) "...worst single drop day ever.... a history-making day.... largest single point drop in history...."

Since there are no coincidences, there is a message here (or maybe even a few) from Shamayim. What are we supposed to take from this?

The first thing that came to my mind is that seven is the number of completion. Seven days make a week; seven years make a shmita cycle. The seventh millenium will be the Great Shabbath of time. On the seventh day Hashem rested from all His creating and commanded us to cease from our labors as well in commemoration of that fact.

If this is a virtual flashing neon sign to the Jews on Rosh Hashana, perhaps it is meant to tell us that Hashem is finished holding back from judging the nations who are seventy and who are obligated to seven mitzvot and who want to divide the land of the seven species---Eretz Yisrael.

Here are some further thoughts on "seven":

( Zayin (7) “A 'vav' whose head extends in both directions and thus appears as a crown. Scepter of a King. [We crown Hashem King in the seventh month---Tishrei.]

( In the Bible we find that G-d has seven eyes (Zachariah 4:10 ). This is obviously not meant to be taken literally, but clearly conveys a secret. In His Providence, G-d overlooks and judges creation from seven perspectives (corresponding to the seven attributes of the heart). [All creation passes before Hashem for judgement in the seventh month---Tishrei.]

(Book of Our Heritage) Jewish tradition attributes special value and significance to being the seventh. Our Sages write: 'All sevenths are beloved above.' In the count of the generations, the seventh generation from Adam was most precious, for it was the generation of Chanoch of whom the verse (Bereshis 5:22) states: And Chanoch walked with God. Among our ancestors, the seventh was most favored, for Moshe was the seventh generation from Avraham, and regarding him the verse (Shemos 19:20) states: And Moshe ascended unto God. Among the sons of Yishai, the seventh --- David --- was most favored....

Time is also sanctified by sevenths, and we find (Bereshis 2:3): And God blessed the seventh day; the seventh --- shemittah --- year is sanctified; and seven cycles of seven years are crowned by a yovel (jubilee) year. And among months, the seventh --- Tishrei --- is most precious (Yalkut Shimoni, parashat Yisro 276).

...In the Land of Israel, Tishrei is also the harvest season, when the Jewish people witness the material bounty with which God has blessed them. Our sages note that these qualities of Tishrei, "the seventh month," are alluded to by the similarity between the words sheva [seven] and sova [satiety and abundance].

Whatever message you take from this event and the significance of seven, it is definitely a sign for GOOD for תשס"ט whose letters stand for שנה סימון טוב---year of a good sign.