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27 June 2008


How do you kasher things? Water, fire and heat.

How do you kasher the world? Floods, wildfires and record high temperatures.


23 June 2008

Wednesday Shaping Up to be an Eventful Day

The Olmert government is set to fall, please G-d.

"...Labor chairman and Defense Minister Barak had given the Prime Minister a June 25 deadline to step down or face a majority vote for dissolution.

...June 25 is the second anniversary of the cross-border raid carried out by Hamas terrorists at the Kerem Shalom Crossing in which two IDF soldiers were killed and Cpl. Gilad Shalit was kidnapped."
The Calatrava Bridge is set for its grand opening (without actually opening, of course.)

Gala 'Troubled Bridge over Road' Opening on Wednesday
( The Spanish architect of the controversial Bridge of Strings in Jerusalem will be on hand Wednesday morning for ceremonies inaugurating the project, part of the equally controversial light railway system.
It's the day BEFORE the public celebration of homosexuality.

Parade of Homosexuals Gets Green Light from Court
( The High Court has turned down a petition against a parade of homosexuals to be held in Jerusalem on Thursday.

It Couldn't Happen to a More Deserving Guy

Labor Decides To Put an End to Olmert Governmentby Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
( The Labor party caucus decided a short time ago to back party chairman Ehud Barak and vote against the government Wednesday on a bill to dissolve the government. The decision effectively is the last nail in the coffin for the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

22 June 2008

Shame and Loathing

Ten years ago, I started warning Jews from the communities of Yesha not to get involved with messianics and so-called "Xian Zionists", but to no avail. They insisted that I didn't know what I was talking about, that I didn't know them, that they are our best friends....

I feel shame and loathing for the chillul Hashem that has resulted from the alliance that has been forged between people like Marty Gale and the people of Tapuach whom I once held in high regard. And it's not just Tapuach, but also Beit El and Arutz Sheva who have also hosted them and catered to them and praised them. And who knows how many others multiplied how many times???

A prominent figure from Arutz Sheva was filmed by Marty Gale's group on their most recent trip, a few weeks ago. That video is now up on YouTube and is being used to advertise his church's website. They call it Celebration Congregation:

"Since we have experienced the Love and Salvation of Yeshua ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) we have plenty to celebrate!"
They are famous for their Dance Troupe called the Celebration Dancers:

The Israeli Celebration Dancers (ICD) are a mixture of Christians (Jews and Gentiles) from all over Northern Colorado who express their love for Israel, the Jewish people, and the Jewish Messiah through dance and celebration.
The dancers have traveled and danced in Israel, New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago and throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The ICD have also produced two cutting edge dance videos that express the passion that can be found in loving Yeshua (Jesus).
The Israeli Celebration Dancers have been in existence for over a decade. The group started performing as a cultural attraction, but eventually came to see that the reason for the dance was to show the joy and freedom that God has given to them. As this revelation came, the ICD became more and more radical in their dancing, and because of God's blessing, also became busier. Parades, town festivals, church conventions, etc. became a regular activity, bringing the average number of performances in a year to over 60.
This would have been enough for the ICD, DIEYNU, but God had more in mind. In the beginning, the dancers mainly performed folk dances. However, during the first trip to Israel, a member of the team purchased a Hassidic party album. It included very fast music. From then on, the music kept getting faster. Now, a main preoccupation is finding the best and fastest dance music in the world. Strangely, this search always leads to the same group of people; the people whom God has chosen, the Jews. The very name Yehuda (from which comes "Jew") means praise, and this is where the ultimate praise music comer from.
At this time, the vision for the ICD is to build a bridge, using music and dance, joining the Christian church and the Jewish people together in praise. In this way, the Christian church can join in the revival and learn that it is possible to be so in love with God that you just have to dance wildly around the room! From this bridge, the Jews may come to see that their Messiah, who is to come, has already come! Then we can all dance together in the Kingdom of Yeshua the Messiah!
Jews who should know better are sponsoring this group and, knowingly or not, are helping to promote their stated goals and agenda. In addition, they are standing by as witnesses to the dance which is in fact an act of adoration and worship of their man-god. To those who say that they do not missionize, I say that by their own admission the dancing is itself a tool for evangelism. Anyone who fails to acknowledge this is willfully blind.

My message, if anyone should be listening, remains the same: "Purge the evil from among you!"
A review of Devarim, chapter 13 is in order:
You shall follow the Lord, your God, fear Him, keep His commandments, heed His voice, worship Him, and cleave to Him. ... If your brother, the son of your mother, tempts you in secret or your son, or your daughter, or the wife of your embrace, or your friend, who is as your own soul saying, "Let us go and worship other gods, which neither you, nor your forefathers have known."

Of the gods of the peoples around you, [whether] near to you or far from you, from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth; You shall not desire him, and you shall not hearken to him; neither shall you pity him, have mercy upon him, nor shield him. But you shall surely kill him, your hand shall be the first against him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people. And you shall stone him with stones so that he dies, because he sought to lead you astray from the Lord, your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. And all Israel shall listen and fear, and they shall no longer do any evil such as this in your midst.
If you hear in one of your cities which the Lord, your God, is giving you to dwell therein, saying, "Unfaithful men have gone forth from among you and have led the inhabitants of their city astray, saying, 'Let us go and worship other gods, which you have not known.' " Then you shall inquire, investigate, and ask thoroughly, and, behold, it is true, the matter is certain, that such abomination has been committed in your midst: You shall surely strike down the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroy it with all that is in it and its livestock, with the edge of the sword. And you shall collect all its spoil into the midst of its open square, and burn with fire the city and all its spoil, completely, for the Lord, your God; and it shall be a heap of destruction forever, never to be rebuilt.
And nothing that is doomed to destruction shall cling to your hand, so that the Lord may return from His fierce wrath, and grant you compassion, and be ompassionate with you, and multiply you, as He swore to your forefathers. For you shall hearken to the voice of the Lord your God, to keep all His commandments which I command you this day, to do that which is proper in the eyes of the Lord, your God.
How very far we have fallen from the Torah way! Judge for yourself... (Portion which takes place in Tapuach begins at 6:30 minutes.)

13 June 2008

Some People Can Read the Handwriting on the Wall

..."We're just kind of at God's mercy right now, so hopefully people that never prayed before this, it might be a good time to start," Linn County Sheriff Don Zeller said. "We're going to need a lot of prayers, and people are going to need a lot of patience and understanding."

Days of heavy rain across the state have put nine rivers across Iowa at or above historic flood levels. Residents were steeling themselves for floods before storms late Wednesday and early Thursday brought up to 5 inches of rain across west central Iowa.

"We are seeing a historic hydrological event taking place with unprecedented river levels occurring," said Brian Pierce, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Davenport. "We're in uncharted territory; this is an event beyond what anybody could even imagine."

Other headlines today:

ABCNEWS asks: 'Are we living in the last century of our civilization?'
UPDATE: Boys Scouts praised as heroes after twister kills 4...
FLASH: Tomato Salmonella outbreak reports rise to 228...

12 June 2008

Amazing Story

Passage from Iran

Hannah Menashe was only 21 when she was abducted from her family in Baghdad ahead of their immigration to Israel. Decades later, Hanna is finally making aliyah to reunite with her family who had lost hope of ever seeing her again

The OTHER Battle for Jerusalem


For reasons too many and too tedious to go into here, my family and I usually have to move every 1-2 years. We are in that place where the old apartment has already been given up but a new one is yet to be found. It's a very uncomfortable, even painful, place to be.

But, it's not just me. Everyday, I am hearing more and more stories about people unable to find housing in the capitol. People who have lived in the city for years (like me), but feel they are being forced out. This is the other battle for Jerusalem---to keep it a city where its citizens can live and not simply a museum for tourists to visit.

The number one adversary in this battle is---GREED. Let me tell you why. Without any consideration for their Jewish brothers and sisters who live at a much lower standard of living so that Jerusalem will remain accessible to all, those who live in chu"l, but visit two or three times a year, buy apartments and then let them sit empty the remainder of the year. And what's worse than that in my book, are those who take properties and turn them into short-term only rentals designed for short-term visitors like tourists, leaving a dire shortage of long-term places for those who are here permanently. Why do they do it? They can make three or four times the money off it this way. That's the only reason and they don't seem to care whether their fellow Jew down the street will be able to find a home or not.

Now, let me tell you about my special pet peeve, or is that too mild a term for the revulsion I feel for realtors? There was a time when the local real estate market restricted itself to sales only because they felt rentals were beneath them. Everyone knows it's a lower class group of people who rent since they are too poor to buy. Suddenly, they are everywhere and they are taking over and they are doing dastardly little deeds in order to hog the market all to themselves!

There are services that for a small fee will provide you with a daily list of what is available and realtors are bidden to disclose if the ad belongs to them. More and more of late, I am calling in response to ads which have been placed surreptitiously by realtors and they are not even disclosing this important information when I call, but only if I think to ask. Some are disguising the ads to make them look like private individuals have placed them. Just yesterday, I was on Ben Yehuda St and saw a new (homemade) sign with all its "tags" intact. (Tags being cut pieces of paper with the phone number that you can pull off and call about later.) So it looks recent. I call. An appointment is made for the morning. I go. I waste a couple hours since the person is detained and only after four conversations does she say something which leads me to think she is not the owner and when I asked if she is a realtor she confirms it, but only then!

There are a couple of internet sites where owners can advertise their properties for rent. Not only are realtors deceptively advertising in the area reserved for individuals, but they are culling these ads and calling the owners to list with them before people like me, who cannot possibly afford to shell out an additional month's rent to a realtor for his (undeserved) fee, can call them. I saw an ad come up within a hour of its posting. Made an appointment. Saw it that night. Early the next morning, the same place had already been claimed and was being advertised by a realtor.

What kind of business is this?? Certainly not ethical. They've appointed themselves the gatekeepers, putting themselves between the the owner and the renter and basically charging a toll to gain access. To me, it's tantamount to highway robbery. The owner hires the agent and yet they both pass the cost on to the one least able to bear the burden of expense, the one too poor to buy his own home. Whereas, in most cases this is already the second (or more) property owned by the landlord.

In a pinch, in the past, I did break down and pay a realtor to get a home. In America, they might ferry you around in their air-conditioned car for half a day showing you various properties that they arranged to be seen and in the end they handle the paperwork and act as a go-between with the owner. Not in Israel! The Israeli realtor must be the highest paid (non)worker in today's economy. If you call them and ask about properties and nothing is currently available, will they keep your information and call you when something comes up? Absolutely not! You have to keep calling them back and asking. Sometimes, all they do is give you the owner's number and let you take everything from there. So basically, they took a public advertisement, used it to contact the owner and get his permission to charge some hapless person the equivalent of a month's rent to give him the phone number that a few hours earlier was free public information. What a racket!!

Then there is all the new construction which plagues all residents alike, but it's not likely to offer any relief to the young couples and low-wage earners who also have a right to live in Jerusalem. (Historically, there has always been some neighborhood left for the poor of the city.) All of the new construction is labeled "LUXURY." Does that give you any clues? It is designed and marketed to foreigners who do not work for shekel salaries which never increase by even ten agorot!

And what is the government (city or national) doing about any of this??? Just what it always does...N-O-T-H-I-N-G. It's another job for Mashiach.

End of rant. Thank you for listening.

11 June 2008

Good News

U.S. Analyst: Olmert a 'Dead Man Walking'

( Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is "a dead man walking," from a political standpoint, New American Foundation analyst Daniel Levy told Reuters News Agency. He joined other analysts who share the view that the Bush administration is shifting gears and trying to maintain stability in the Palestinian Authority (PA) rather than putting too much effort into an increasingly unlikely PA-Israeli agreement.

The increasing probability of new elections in Israel has further complicated American tactics. "This is a period of some ambiguity and awkwardness for the United States," a senior Bush administration official told the news agency. He added that the United States does not want to show that it supports one of the Israeli political parties in favor of another.

Hoshea 2:2---

...And the children of Judah and the children of Israel shall be gathered together, and they shall appoint for themselves one head, and they shall go up from the land, for great is the day of Jezreel.
The people of Israel is fed up with the current situation. Look for an unprecedented set of circumstances that will see Mashiach ben Yosef elected the next leader of Israel. And then we will witness the fulfillment of ...
Yeshayahu 11:14---

...And they shall fly of one accord against the Philistines in the west [GAZA], together they shall plunder the children of the East; upon Edom and Moab shall they stretch forth their hand, and the children of Ammon shall obey them [JORDAN].
This is born out also by the following prophecy within the context of the Last Days Fall of Babylon (the present-day war in Iraq) ...
Yirmiyahu 50:19---

...And I will return Israel to his dwelling and he shall pasture in the Carmel and the Bashan, and in Mount Ephraim and Gilead shall his soul be sated.
The Bashan corresponds to the Carmel in the North of Israel. Carmel is located on the west side of the Jordan River and the Bashan is on the east (Jordanian) side. Mount Ephraim corresponds to Gilead---also, west and east of the Jordan River.

In other words, at some point at the time of the final fall of Bavel at the End of Days, present-day Jordan will come under Israeli rule and the Jews will return to BOTH sides of the Jordan River.

Putting it together with the above, this also takes place at the same time that Israel retakes Gaza under a leader who will be going for success and not for political expediency, for the People of Israel and not for the global industrialists.

The Dream of the Greater Land of Israel is NOT dead!! And these events are now in sight ... coming up the road towards us.

06 June 2008

If They Want to Start a War, We'll Go to War

IMPORTANT UPDATE: See Robertson turns up the "heat" on the Jews by Ellen Horowitz

21st Century Blood Libel
(view video on page)

Note that this is the man Howard Jonas brought on a tour through his IDT facilities in Jerusalem, all the while filming the Jews working there without their permission so their images could be broadcast back on this CBN network in America; no doubt telling the "faithful" how their donations are being spent to bring the Jews to faith in Yashke by giving them jobs.

This is the true (black) heart inside every so-called Xian "friend" of Israel!

04 June 2008

PROOF there is no difference

For all you American Jews who think your vote in the American election can help Israel, think again. In his speech to AIPAC today, Barack Hussein Obama proved that no matter who gets into office, the exact same policies vis a vis Israel will be carried out:
...He endorsed the Bush vision of a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians, saying there was no room at the negotiating table for [the Hamas] terrorists. While stressing that Israel’s identity must be preserved as “a Jewish state with secure, recognized and defensible borders and Jerusalem its undivided capital,” Obama also stated that the Palestinians need a state “that is contiguous.” He advised Israel to take steps consistent with its security to ease conditions on the West Bank and refrain from building new settlements.
All of these months of campaigning have served as a huge distraction from what is really meaningful in life while people wasted time debating who was better for Israel and the Jews. Folks, these people are completely irrelevant. All that counts is us and our relationship to Hashem.

There may very well not be an election at all. I am of the firm belief that George W Bush will be the last president of the United States. I think a crisis will be concocted that will allow him to postpone the election and remain in office. I think that the US will be struck down with a mortal blow, never to rise again.

Future Epitaph for America

Her days were few by the
Reckoning of nations' lifetimes.
She burned bright and hot
Like a rocket, then fizzled,
Spent, went dark and cold.
Who remembers her now---
And how?

Faith in Hashem ALONE

I've got a lot on my mind and the next few blogs are going to reflect that. Just preparing you in advance.

About that shekel. Suddenly all the rents are being quoted in shekels instead of dollars and houses for sale are being listed at millions of shekels instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Interesting that Israel's weaning from America (and western values) would start with the monetary unit. Is that telling us that money is at the root of all our dependency? Are we still doubting, after all these thousands of years, that Hashem will bring manna from Heaven and water from a rock if that is the only way to provide for our needs?

I grew up hearing the misquote: "Money is the root of all evil." The actual quote is: "The love of money is the root of all evil." But what is at the root of our love for money??? In large enough amounts it confers power---great sums of money can buy great power---but for most of us, it brings us a sense of security, a feeling that we will have our needs met with a certainty. If there is money in the bank, there are no worries about what will be.

But, besides the fact that this is not Hashem's ideal way for us to live, this misplacement of our faith from the Giver to the gift brings about a certain corruption of the soul. The human mind can contort itself into all kinds of weird shapes in order to rationalize and then to justify the acceptance of gifts of money from less than kosher sources. We see this most prominently in our society here in Israel with the politicians and the ongoing investigations into financial improprieties. But, it doesn't stop there. We're seeing it also in the religious community...most notably, in the so-called 'settler' community, as they are becoming more and more dependent upon the gifts of money coming from the so-called "Xian Zionists."

The biggest problem with accepting this money is the sense of obligation that it engenders in the recipient. This leads to a breaking down of the barriers and the generation of feelings of gratitude, friendship and compatibility, all of which were the intended goals of the Xians from the outset. All of this spells trouble for the Jew, but his mental gymnastics will enable him to find a way to turn it into a "kiddush Hashem."

A heretical approach to the End of Days has now developed out of the profound need of certain Jews to make kosher that which can never be kosher. Judeo-xianity is the religion that Hellenism only dreamed of---a synthesis of Judaism and "Western (Xian) values." Someone has now determined that the Torah of Mashiach will be "universal"---for both Jews and gentiles---and they are already (prematurely) welcoming the "pro-Israel" gentile to become ONE with us without barriers, as if Mashiach already came.

This is a TEST, folks! And we are failing miserably!! We are supposed to be trusting in Hashem to provide for our needs, not our sworn enemy Eisav!

Historically, it was the gentiles who have endeavored to deny us our chosenness, our unique destiny. Today, Jews are working hand-in-hand with them to open it up to anyone who wants to be part of it without benefit of conversion or need to denounce false religions.

I see this coming from Erev Rav rabbis whose well-meaning followers are baalei teshuva with very weak foundations in Torah and those whose heads have been turned by the money and the personal adulation.

There is a cure. It's called antisemitism and it's already started. Look at the talkback reactions to the Ariel bombing and the NT book burning. Those whom we've drawn closest to us in the past few years will be those who become most violently opposed, i.e. our "best friends" will become our worst enemies. Because that's how it is between Jews and gentiles who follow a competing religion.

Wait til you see what Mashiach will do with these people!