23 March 2008

Some Like It Hot...NOT ME!

Ask anyone. Purim is never this hot. It's usually chill and rainy. Even in a leap year when the holiday falls later in the season, it shouldn't be more than 70s out. Instead it is in the 90s and one weather report predicts 97 degrees for Jerusalem! Is it significant that the temperature increased as VP Cheney arrived in the capital? Is it significant that it goes up as the forty-day mourning period for arch-terrorist Mugniyeh comes to an end and Hizb'ollah announces that they have proof that Israel was complicit in his elimination? Is the weather reflecting the increasing heat of the political and security situations? Stay tuned...


  1. What is the significance of Cheney coming here on Purim? Not to mention he comes not really to pressure Israel (that's always Condi's job) rather to do some serious saber rattling. I have a feeling once again another shlav in the geulah brought in by the light of Purim is happening.

  2. Sounds plausible to me. Debka is reporting Syrian forces on the Lebanese border and MDA is on a high alert.

  3. Yeah. Its only a matter of time now. The question is really is who will attack first? Will the proxy countries for Iran attack us or will the US attack Iran? It seems to me that the proxies will attack here first and then from that a larger global confrontation will occur.