29 March 2008

Open Letter to 'Secret Believers'

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter if you think you've had a 'conversion' to Judaism or if you think you're part of the 'lost' tribes, if you are a believer in or follower of YESHU, may his cursed name be blotted out forever, you are the enemy of Truth and therefore my enemy as well. I do not welcome you to email me or to refer my blog posts to others like yourself via your personal email lists.

I cannot emphasize enough my utter revulsion at those who put on costumes, play-acting at being Jewish, stealing the work of Torah teachers and broadcasting it as their own; taking truth, honor, purity and holiness and sullying it by mixing it with treif. What a concoction! Surely Hashem's righteous anger burns against you and the just reward for your evil is accruing interest on top of interest. May you receive it speedily and soon!!


  1. Amen. I have quite a few 'kosher treif' J4Js e-mailing me and commenting on my blog. I want nothing to do with those kofrim and apikorsim. Yimach shemam.

  2. that's the reason I removed the comments option from my blog. One too many apikorsim and deniers of the truth.

  3. Stay strong sister. There is a world of sheker and idol worship out there. Today Yaakov embraces Esav, but is unaware that his neck is being bitten. These so-called "messianics" are destroying Jewish souls like a cancer. And like a cancer, it must be eradicated before it can spread.

    Would you mind linking to my post about Beged Ivri? We need to call out these people and protect other Jews from them.

    With (real Kohanic) blessings,

    Judah HK

  4. With many thanks to you for calling attention to this matter!