02 March 2008

A Commenter Comments...

"I have trouble with the article that you cite on AlterNet on Kosovo and the US. While there may be some truth to that, their bias against Israel-their "Pro-Palestinian" and "Pro-Muslim" sympathies make me extremely skeptical, and I therefore request that in the future, before you cite a source, please vet it for these reasons. I very much enjoy your blog, otherwise-Hazak!"

I'm choosing to respond here for the benefit of those who may have thought as much but didn't comment on it.

My first thought is that if I eliminate a source of information because of bias against Israel and sympathy for Arabs, that pretty much takes care of everything I can think of outside of Israel National News.
My second thought is that being pro-Serbia kind of mitigates against being "Pro-Muslim" per se. I'm not a long time reader of the site, so I can't say with any certainty one way or the other. I found it by way of a link from another source and seeing that the article in question was factual, informative and covered the territory well, to my way of thinking, I referenced it.

If I like something, I use it and I don't really consider the source. But then I'm not depending on the integrity of the source as my gauge for truth. I have a storehouse of accumulated knowledge from a variety of sources against which I measure it's worth and that includes sources both favorable and unfavorable to Israel.
If the commenter has a specific complaint about a specific detail in the article, I'd like to know about it. If the complaint is simply the source without regard to the accuracy of the content, then that's not of concern to me.
I'm gratified if someone gets something from what is written here. Everyone is welcome and I hope you keep stopping by.

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